Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grafted in, you must allow the pruning, it's for your health and well being

I had a dream overnight. It was about a relationship in my life that must need to come to an end. Relational pruning is hard. Yet we all have those who are diseased and dying, sapping life from us. Keeping us from growth and effectiveness.

IF we don't get this pruning done we will find ourselves damaged and withering.

Yes, you/we will get to heaven. Yes we will find ourselves OK ... but we will not be of any consequence for the kingdom.

It is painful to prune. The branches we thought we cut off keep coming back. We see them in our lives. They are grafted in elsewhere. Now we are gone. But they keep popping up.

Don't mourn for them. They were only for a season.

The Lord is saying to me by this dream and perhaps by this word, "You know who and what must be pruned out of your life. I can cut them off or you can prune them intentionally yourself. It will be far less painful to do this yourself".

We many times think these relationships are essential, FOR THEM. That we are sent by God into their lives to save them from the fires of hell. IF that is your mandate..OK. IF NOT, you must do as Jesus told the disciples he sent out. "If they do not receive you shake the dust off your feet".

Some dust is on my feet and perhaps on yours. Life sapping people dust that keep you below your destiny. It (they) slow you down and keep you connected to things in your lives that are not healthy. I am going to tread lightly here, but, this may even mean family members. Brothers, Sisters, PARENTS, Children, in-laws. You don't have to divorce them. You do need to have boundaries. Weed barriers as it were. IF a person saps you of strength, of your energy, of your vision, they are a weed that is causing you to perish. Weed control.

Get out the pruning shears, you will find new fruitfulness and fresh growth when some of those toxic branches attached to you are cut off.

This may just be for me..but.... It's what I heard this morning. If the sandal fit's you can wear it.

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margaret said...

I had to cut my father out of my life for 18 years because he was so toxic and mentally ill. We've been reconciled for a few years now after the death of someone we loved brought us back together. He's far less controlling now and I'm much more mentally healthy and less fearful. Today he even came to church service. I pray often that God will free him of the mental illness that has bound him. All things are possible with God!