Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Prophetic Admonition to Senior Leaders.... Learn to Teach how to PROSPER...it's not what you think

If you are a senior leader, you owe it to the Ministry God called you to teach and train your members to prosper. Not JUST sowing and reaping. One needs seed to sow and God gives seed to the sower but it comes via Deuteronomy 8:18:
"You shall remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day".
If a leader had only 100 people with $50,000 annual incomes (average middle class) on which they tithed he or she could afford to do some good things as a leader in the Kingdom. That is a Half Million per year in offerings. That can mean New facilities, outreach, Helping the community; YET...almost no senior leaders I know are truly able to teach people how to prosper, how to build a business, how to hold a job that can REALLY PAY, how to hustle, to plan and develop serious diligence in work habits. In fact there are some core issues that must first be taught to even get past poverty.

According to the Brookings Institute...there are just 3 things a person needs to do to prosper... From a report called "Mobility is a Problem, now what":

""We asked the data to tell us how adult Americans were doing if they followed three elementary norms of growing up in a modern society: finish high school, get a full-time job, and wait until age 21 and get married before having children. The results were astounding: young adults who followed all three norms had a 2 percent chance of winding up in poverty and a 74 percent chance of winding up in the middle class (defined as earning roughly $50,000 or more). By contrast, young adults who violated all three norms had a 76 percent chance of winding up in poverty and a 7 percent chance of winding up in the middle class"".

Start concentrating on what matters and you help your community, you help the ministry God gave you and you help build the Kingdom. Here's the problem, most people who try to teach prosperity from the platform have no understanding off the situation. They have never made a payroll, never generated a business idea of their own, never carried it out, never made a real profit. How can you teach what you don't know? Time to get real about teaching people how to prosper.

Let's stop playing and start building.

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