Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Does God really send Angels to minster to us?" a Report of one such from Robert Blackburn

I arrived home exhausted, in deep physical pain and still in shock over what had happened to me. My family was off in other states and my friends were all on vacation long distances away. I was alone. Two days after being discharged, my feet began to swell and fluid backed up into both ankles and all the way up to my knees. I was getting short of breath and realized I was once more in big trouble. The flesh gets weak no matter how spiritual we think we are. I thought, " God, even after everything I've come through, I'm still not going to make it." I could dress my own wounds, prepare my own meals but I could not manage this fluid and I knew it. I had come home happy and eager to get forward and with resolve to heal and get better. I suddenly realized I had no more strength, the job of caring for myself was much larger than I was prepared for. This latest setback was too much. I was beaten.

I was standing by the sink in the kitchen looking out the window, perplexed, tired and finally void of hope. I said, "God, I can't do this. I just can't." At that moment I felt a hand touch me on my left shoulder, extended from someone just behind me. It was a gentle but steady and firm hand and a voice said, "I am going to help you." I'm here to tell you that that hand never felt my shoulder. It guided me every step of the way. It helped me dress myself, take care of my wounds, take my meds as needed, showed me how to walk, how to turn and whispered directions to my spirit in absolutely every aspect of my existence here. A tender, loving entity that asked for nothing in return but whose mission was to minister to me and help me get through this. If I over did things, the pressure from that hand became stronger. I desperately needed to do deep breathing exercises that were painful but this hand reminded me how and when to do them so I wouldn't get pneumonia or clots in my legs etc. It helped me drive to the store, to the doctor. I had my own personal care giver, a supernatural one with all of my best interest at heart. I shed many tears of gratitude and I thanked and praised God over and again.

The fluid in my legs was a side effect of an enormous overload of IV fluids and antibiotics over a period of 12 days in the hospital. It was resolved with fluid medication. Then the abdominal wound became infected and swollen and the pain got worse. I went to V.A. but was referred back to the surgeon who operated and admitted back to the same hospital. I also developed a staph infection from being in the hospital. But this time I was armed with supernatural wisdom and help. The entire staff on this unit were super professional and very kind and caring. I became their favorite patient. That angel never left me and he remains by my left side, just a bit behind me. In spite of everything, I'm getting well and home health has come to help me with my wound care. God has brought me so far. Oh that we could be more spiritual, know more about the supernatural power and actions of the Spirit and see those angels, those ministering spirits that have been placed at our disposal, and truly know that there is a whole host of them fighting for us, to the heirs of his salvation. This angel has helped me to write today because I don't have the strength in myself and because we are made overcomers by the word of our testimony. One day our eyes will be opened and we will see and know all the things God has made available to us and how His hand has kept us and guided us all along the way. I think of that beautiful old song, "There is an Unseen hand to me, that leads in ways, I cannot see ................... still guided by, the Unseen Hand."

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susana said...

Thank you Jesus for what you did here! What a miracle what a blessing to recieve such help from God. I recall when my throat swelled shut. Closed tight it was and it was only minutes before I suffocated to death. I knew my throat would not open on its own. I was in trouble. Allergies! At my kitchen sink I also stood and asked dear precious Jesus I need your help God. He immediately opened my throat and later said he would heal me of that horrible asphyxiating disease. Years of allergies or asthma type attacks healed by God that night. Praise Him! He is worthy!