Friday, June 22, 2012

21 Days till the end of the world...

There is a movie coming out today. The premise is that the world is going to be hit with a meteorite 70 miles wide and it will destroy all life on it. Everyone knows it. There is no cure. It is in fact going to happen.

What is the result?

People having orgies. People leaving marriages. People getting drunk. People looting. Lawlessness.

Probably going to be a stupid movie. I won't see it, even in two weeks when it goes to cable TV.

Yet, when I heard about it on the radio, it made me think. WHAT IF?

What would happen? What would YOU do? What would your neighbors do?

First, no one would go to work any more. Electricity, gas and fuel would disappear. Planes wouldn't fly. Communications would cease. Internet gone.

Oh there would be a few who would take to the airwaves. I suspect to the moment the rock hit. Talkers.

You wouldn't be able to go to a restaurant. Who is going to work or cook? Money...WHY?

The think that became even starker for me was what would happen to the Christian Church in the west? In the east, in Africa I have no doubts faith would build. People would prepare to meet God. Revival would take place.

In the US, Europe, Australia and other western lands.... would there be ANY move towards God?
Remember, no money means no offerings. Church buildings are going to be dark and cold. No sound system. Anyone more than a few miles away can't get there. The hirelings and the true Shepherds would be separated out in a moment. In fact the only human contact in these days leading up to the end would be those within a mile of where you live. How would that go? Do you have relationships with your neighbors? Do they know God? Could you be priest to your neighborhood? Could you reach them with the truth of the Gospel?

It's a question that haunted me.

I'm not predicting such an event... but in recent years there have been several doomsday movies. This one as silly as it is asks the question...if you knew you only had 21 days to live...then what?

For SOME of your neighbors the clock is already counting down for them. They won't be here a year from now. Now what?

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David McLain said...

I kind of figure:

a) There will be an end at some point, to pretty much everything in the natural realm, and

b) Per Acts 1:7, we're not going to know the details of when or (presumably) how.

Therefore, the only logical response is following John 2:5.

Unless you believe that the end of the world is gonna catch the Almighty off guard. "Oops. Didn't see that coming! Sorry, everybody."

Nah. Maybe not. Omniscience is actually quite handy when it comes to predicting things.