Thursday, June 14, 2012

Eight Reasons Men Reject Spiritual Fathers

We are all aware there is a dearth of fathers in our land that is cursing our American civilization.
The millions of men in prison confirm this. An overwhelming majority of them have never had a normal relationship with their biological fathers.

Men in general are wired by God to achieve great things but to also receive their father’s affirmation for their accomplishments. The drive for a father’s approval is so great that some men have responded to fatherlessness by engaging in destructive, addictive behaviors and/or become workaholics in attempts to accomplish great things to somehow fill the vacuum left in their fatherless hearts.

It is no different in the Body of Christ. God has raised up the church as a family of families that can provide spiritual fathers and mothers who become surrogate parents helping to heal the pain of rejection in the hearts of their spiritual children.
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Eight Reasons Men Reject Spiritual Fathers

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Anonymous said...

An important item in the KERNER report after the 1967 riots was the report of a lack of father-figrues and lack of a father's postive influence for boys in black families. The Wikipedia report on the Kerner study, in fact, does not make much mention of that important element lacking in family training of sons. The Wikipedia report emphasizes mainly economic factors and racial prejudice.... h.a.h.