Friday, October 4, 2013

Who are the true messengers of GOD? Where are they?

Rick Joyner:
True Messengers: The Great Voices of History - Who are the Sons of Zadok in Our Time?
Rick JoynerGreat Voices in History
When we have more faith in people than in God, we tend to get our security or confidence by how many people share our views. Jesus had a different perspective, saying in Luke 6:26: "Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets in the same way."
It is noteworthy that the great voices in history and those whose perspective proved true were almost always rejected by the majority, and often stood completely alone. We see this with the first apostles. Even so, if we know we are sent by God and that we have received our message from Him, then it really does not matter what men think about us.
Don't get your security from the crowd but from the LordAs Paul said, "If I [were] still [seeking to please] men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ" (see Galatians 1:10). Just the mentality of seeking our approval or encouragement from men can be the biggest stumbling block that keeps us from being true messengers. Paul understood this well. When his apostolic authority was challenged, he pointed to his afflictions and persecutions as evidence that he was indeed an apostle. How different is that from most who claim to be apostles today?
Of course, just because not many people listen to us does not prove that we are right either. However, we must heed such warnings as Matthew 24:12: "Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved" (NIV).
If we get our security from the crowd rather than from the Lord, we will follow the crowd instead of the Lord. The Lord did not say that the love of "some" or "many" would grow cold, but "most." If we are prone to follow the majority, then we will end up being deceived just as "all Israel went astray" following Absalom and turning on his father, King David.

How could this thing happen in Israel? The same way it has happened so many times since and still happens today. Like a good politician, Absalom met with people and showed sympathy for their problems. He gradually increased his authority with people because he was a good politician. Then David's sin with Bathsheba was exposed. You would think that God would certainly depart from David after such a diabolical sin. However, God has considerably more grace than people do, and He did not abandon David. He disciplined David because He loved him, but He would never leave him or forsake him.
Sons of Zadok
ZadokZadok was High Priest during Absalom's rebellion. At the risk of his ministry and even his life, he picked up the Ark and followed David into what seemed like certain defeat. Even though "all Israel" was following Absalom, Zadok had the discernment to know that the anointing was still on David and that the Lord was still with David. So, he risked everything to follow the Lord. That is remarkable spiritual discernment and faith. It is the kind that is desperately needed in spiritual leadership in these times.
Centuries later, one of the greatest commendations of all time was given by the Lord to Zadok through Ezekiel the prophet. The Lord said that it would be the "sons of Zadok" who would be allowed to come near to Him to minister to Him personally (see Ezekiel 44:15-16). So who are the sons of Zadok today?
When the Pharisees told Jesus that they were free because they were sons of Abraham, Jesus replied that if they were children of Abraham, they would do the deeds of Abraham (see John 8:39-41). Likewise, the true sons of Zadok are those who do the deeds of Zadok – those who follow the Lord even when they are a minority or are alone, and even when it seems certain to cost them everything, maybe even their lives. We are in desperate need of "sons of Zadok" today.
Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries



Anonymous said...

Where are they ? You know last year or the year before. Christian harfouche in one of his viseo clips if memory serves talked briefly about mking room for Apostles which may come across very different then any other office and they needed to be given support and grace to grow. Same with the prohets. Rick joyner addressed in short clips a simaliar view and this year on Elijah list Christian harfouche posted it's time to teach on them. well Robert Blackburn (most are thrown out without support)could tell you where they are. I will be the first to admit teaching on church government unity and the responsibility of these offices will not make one popular and quit possible many pastors will hate being told there are five offices not only do they need to be supported but given room to grow. Why is it to my knowledge neither man is teaching on this in a biblical manner ? I sometimes wonder just how large the remnant of true Christians in right standing will be.So let's give 2 verses and some backround for your consideration-Luk 11:49 that word persecute is g1559 I.
to drive out, pursue persecute, oppress with calamities From ἐκ (G1537) and διώκω (G1377) in Hebrews 3 we are told moses was an antitype Jesus is the chief Apostles when moses was to set aaron what did that make moses as God had stated aaron shall be a prophet to a revolt happened in the levitiacal priesthood among the priests all had been assigned their duties by God but they did not like the fact God set governments amongst His people or should I say above their designated realm of authority and position.. It was Gods right and not to be taken lightly the responsibilities of Him doing so but submitting to His leadership and working in unity according to His purpose.God set the order of offices in corinthians fits the antitype. the rebellion of korah which is taken to the new testament fits the antitype of some ministers today doing the same.A church without spot or blemish will function each in their realm of authority Spirit led and controlled every joint supplying a need. So letts look at what no bible school I know of teaches feel free to study it out. the way God did things in the bible. apostle used over 80 times prophet used over a 100 teacher used over a 100 evangelist 5 or less and pastor or shepard less than 5 in regards to men other than Jesus himself. A.W. Tozer warned about the removal of apostles and prophets howard carter wept and warned denominational leaders dereck prince warned of the removal of prophets and God it would appear God has been trying to correct His people for over 50 years. People don't seem to understand the patterns in the bible indicate God will only warn for so long before He starts judging His people in a harsh manner. How much more so as God himself promised Jesus a people prepared pure in heart without spot or blemish it seems to distress me greatly that some national leaders I mentioned God has been dealing with this about are so out of touch with the same people called to the same offices they don't even realize in the nation they are living in those called to those offices are unsupported ignored denied and persecuted and many may die early. So what choice will God have but to keep His faithful which may appear more like david than saul and raise up a wilderness people to do as isaih was told in chapter 6 or Ezekiel in chapter 2 and 3. Ultimatley giving them a choice of who they will serve themselves the enemy or God !

Anonymous said...

October 1

Anonymous said...

The Foolish things to Confound the Wise: a word from ElaineTavolacci
I just found this tonight it takes time to get thru the wilderness the last prophetic word I got included two things in it and the lest 5 and a half years have been pure furnace dwelling. This Word is encouraging I believe it may apply thanks for posting it ! have a good day.