Saturday, October 26, 2013

DEAD WORKS in the Church:

There are a lot of things Church people do that make them feel good, superior, more worthy, better about themselves. That is a scheme of the devil. We fall prey to him when we believe that our much noise, effort and activity is building the Kingdom of God. Of course when we do this, we feel like we actually DID something. That we have somehow earned a medal or made a bargain with God for our much sacrifice.

That's what Religion teaches. That's what has caused a decline in the church's power. Works... most of the time are dead. Good works are seldom what you think.

Here is a list I am sure you can add to that while on the surface are "Good" and are "Works" they may not be GOOD WORKS. The kinds ordained for you before the foundation of the earth.

Intercession: painful prayer, prayer meetings, public prayer outcry. To be clear, I am for these things, but the capacity for them to drift into prideful works is a very narrow line. It becomes a way one christian judges another. You have heard it, "they are a prophet, but are they an intercessor". How would anyone know?

Mercy Works: Feeding the poor, clothing the naked, housing the homeless. It's an easy bandwagon to get on. It's not that it's unimportant, it's more that the real benefactor of this mercy is usually the agent, not the target. IF you would give to the poor, find a truly poor person, one worthy and quietly and anonymously give to them. Organized mercy seldom is merciful. When you do, you will have earned the right to be Jesus to them, and fulfill the great commission, discipleship.

Overseas unseen long distance compassion: You see the ads all the time. Sponsor a child in boggla boggla. OR, send them a box of toys for Christmas. OR a natural disaster takes place, send money... I am not against responding to natural disasters, and money is the best way to do it. I have loaded containers and know how that worked out. Doesn't. YET, not every appeal is worthy. Some are pure manipulation. There are people who lack the discernment to spot when your heart strings are being played to open your pocketbook. The worst are the animal ads. Some abused puppy or kitty.. just send money. These guilt drivers try to play on your personal goodness to make you feel like you did something. It would be more important for you to really do something. IF you are so driven, find a person you know for sure and support them. Not a huge company, organization or professional charity. Do the research, most of them are hopelessly inefficient in being your hand of extension.

Extraordinary Acts of External Holiness: This one is really tough. Jesus paid it all. Yet, we think we have to somehow do something to get our sins forgiven. We have all seen pictures (and I have seen it in person) of people crawling up some cathedral steps on bloody knees in penance atoning for their sins. At Easter several people have themselves nailed to a cross. The Muslims flailing themselves till bloody. But good North American Christians do it too. I'm going to offend some people but Communion for the Remission of Sins is an insult to the finished work of Christ. So is infant baptism. So is Holy Water. So is the Rosary. And so many of the things we do are dead works. The behavior things we do, abstaining from all kinds of things in the hope that God will love us more is dead works. I am not for SIN... I am also not for artificial holiness, not eating or drinking certain things, cutting hair, beards or not, long dresses and a hundred other cultural things that make no difference in holiness. Holiness is being set apart... not what you do or don't do.

Works of False Humility: You get this when you hear the words, "I'm just an old Sinner Saved By Grace". Hung down head. Can't look you in the eye. Sackcloth and ashes. Proud of how humble I am. Never mind that you are a king and a priest. Never mind that you are the righteousness of God. We trample the blood of Jesus underfoot because of our traditions.. which includes being a doormat. We were destined to be more than conquerors in Christ Jesus but we come off as wimps and think it's holy to be humble. We must decide what report we will believe... religion to keep you in your place or the word of God.

Human Theocracy: Probably the most egregious form of works is that which places some people "above" others in an artificial hierarchy of religion. Bishops, Deacons, Pastors, Teachers, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Popes, Cardinals, Arch anything. These are titles to cause people to kowtow to these people with the idea that somehow their obsequious actions will make them a friend of God. None of this is true of course, but we think it is. It's dead works. Titles are ways to identify gifts...not positions to be sought after or honored artificially.

It's time to stop the dead work parade... Jesus did PAY IT ALL... all to HIM WE OWE.

Jesus paid it all,
All to Him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.

That's all you need to know.


Anonymous said...

I immensely enjoyed the article not for contention but to learn. What is your take on this 28And GOD has appointed in the church, first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations(a very strong greek Word for structure, various kinds of tongues.Although I believe all authority is from God and it is not to be picked up and used by our carnal understanding (Spirit led is the in line with the Word(Key)comparisons of Christ family Paul military/family.There is an order and method God uses to accomplish things, You once made the comment Apostles are building alright but without the prophets many are building wrong(summary)That Is the Key submission to the Holy Spirit and one to another as unto the Lord. This devalues no one and establishes how God moves and accomplishes things every joint supplying a need. He doesn't change shockingly a study of original language reveals Apostle over 80 times prophet and teacher over 100 evangelist around 5 and pastor less than five in regards to those other than Jesus. Again we see in eph 4 God listing gifts to the body for the equipping and maturing of saints until we all come to a complets knowledge. Falls right in line with God has chosen to pour out His wisdom thru apostles and prophets. (it's what He created them to do. deny them and miss some things Gods Word states about them. Jesus said foundation of apostles and prophets. Deny them well.Every joint was to supply a need.I would love to say I don't need any other minister but I would be drastically ignorant if I had not listened to them. I used to say i'm nothing God convicted me so many times I no longer say it. I am His and Numbers 12:6 is true. It still happens. It is not for man to use God given authority to Lord it over discipline or rule apart from Gods direct leading. But it is not for man to decide the way God structured things. the rebellion of korah is in the new testament. It was an argument among priests of God. There is an order and we need one another. Many do not acknowledge that. many people view the offices as a top down structure God did order them but Jesus said the foundation so it should be from the bottom up. This very well may come to light as a church without spot or blemish must reflect the new testament and come into an understanding of one body one Lord one Spirit. much of American Christianity concerning clergy. resembles as mentioned in the old testament priests bearing rule by their own means every house out for it's own gain. It highly displeased God. I doubt He changed from His Word. thoughts ?

Anonymous said...

So why did God judge so many believers and unbelievers if repentance isn't required.(1) Ananias & Saphira—Acts 5:1-14(2) The Galatian church—Galatians 6:7-8
(3) The promiscuous church member at Corinth—I Corinthians 5:4-5; II Corinthians 2:6
(4) Christian brothers who maintain certain sins—I Corinthians 5:9-13
(5) Hymenaeus & Alexander—I Timothy 1:19-20; II Timothy 4:14
(6) The younger widows—I Timothy 5:11-15
(7) Sinning brothers—I Timothy 5:20
(8) Believers who become lovers of money—I Timothy 6:9-10
(9) Demas—II Timothy 4:10 (see also Colossians 4:14 & Philemon 24 for confirmation he was not only a believer, but a one-time preacher)
(10) Huge segments of the seven churches in Asia (Revelation 2-3)
Also note God’s divine judgment illustrated in the death of Herod (Acts 12:23), Elymas the sorcerer being struck with blindness (Acts 13:8-12) and God’s use of civil government to punish evil (Romans 13:1-6).
or did I misunderstand that portion of the article ?

Anonymous said...

Final Hour Heart Evaluation
Posted by Yolanda Ballard on October 28, 2013 at 4:31pm
Word submitted for your discernment
by Yolanda Ballard CONCERNING THE DAYS AHEAD Friday
posted on identity network. Confirms some of what you have been saying.