Saturday, October 5, 2013

Prophetic Meaning of this last Week's events

I have been considering the sad case of the young mom who tried to crash the white house gate, child in car, and gunned down by the police. There is prophetic content. All things have prophetic content if you look long enough. I see Jesus in everything.

Here are a few:
The fear of tyranny from this administration is beginning to cause people to crack. He has gone too far. This current level of activity during the shutdown is becoming a straw capable of camel back breaking.

There is a level of mental illness revolving around belief in systems and teeories that are imagined. The devil is using these deceptions to destroy people. It destroyed her.

The capacity of the police to shoot at unarmed civilians (I attach zero racial component to this) with impunity is a danger that is amplifying the fear and anger at and of this government.

This will escalate. Those who are so inclined by mental illness, belief in conspiracies like control from Obama (which she did) will drive the marginal to become even more and more reckless.

I have no evidence ... yet, but I suspect she voted for Obama at least in the first term. Before he began to monitor her (in her mind). The danger to Obama does not come from a right wing radical, but in a deluded disillusioned insane person out to even the score and achieve some level of fame for him or herself..even posthumously.

President Obama is in real danger, there may be no real way to protect him. He has played cards and been trumped by reality. That is not a political opinion, that is what we see globally. If a global power (read that Putin) decides Obama is a danger to world peace... well... lets just say he could "handle" it.

Here's the last thing.... I knew before the 2012 election that he would be re elected. I also knew that was not God's will. God will allow man to fall as deep as they can until they cry help. Read Romans 1. The demonic policies he has laid upon the backs of the people of this nation are about to cause a breaking (Same Sex Marriage, Homosex in Military, Islamification of America, indoctrination of children, attack on free speech and freedom of religion, and now outright tyranny. You saw it with this deranged young woman. There are thousands like her. He is in real danger.

Our whole nation is in danger. What will happen if he is killed and riots break out nationally. How long before China or Russia in the interests of "maintaining global order in a nuclear power at civil war" invade and attempt to take over... NOT boots on the ground.. there are other ways. We are leaderless now and would be worse off after this.

Pray for his protection. He's not much but he's all that stand between us and a hot civil war.


Fallout said...

Satan always overplays his hand. During this government shutdown we see the Obama administration
deliberately causing pain to the American public. They are shutting down memorials and national parks that were never closed before. They are not acting like a government for the people but against the people. This suffocation being applied by the Obama administration on the people is going to cause a reaction. The big question is what that reaction is going to look like?

Anonymous said...

sir I just figured it was a case of demonic possession. Back in the day lester sumral was called into an acutual court as an expert on demons and their effects. Probably over the last year on 20/20 a boyfriend turned states witness on his girlfriend and turned pale white as theey interviewed him the voice she answered with was not her own.In dereck princes message he submitted some prophetic revelation for review. The war will hit almost inknown levels of warfare in the spiritual realm and between occultists and Christians. Lester summerall was told to go back to America and teach as he had dealyt with human prophets of satan and warfare across realms.Among other things it sems for the most part the American church well on a large part failed to learn from the apostle sumral prophet hagin and teacher hayes. Unfortunatly the devil will not stop the war to let professing Christians catch up just an opinion anyway.