Sunday, October 6, 2013

From Prophet Randy Wooding... On Spiritual Authority

SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY: I have been walking with Christ over 20 years and placed in leadership, I have found over the years, submitting to spiritual authority is not a sign of weakness, but having a covering is a sign of strength and protection. Submission and following the order of those placed in authority over you teaches you two things: statues of our priestly and kingly role and duties through those that are placed over you and the statues of our God through leaders. Unfortunately, many go beyond their boundary at their own admission and suffer dire consequences. I want to talk about just two principles of spiritual authority in particular and admonish emerging leaders and those that desire to do any significant work for God- STAY UNDER PROPER AUTHORITY. STAY IN YOUR LANE! It is utterly dangerous to operate outside your realm and dimension of spiritual authority and the spiritual consequences are VERY REAL!

Here are two notable consequences that would come if you elect to operate beyond your realm of spiritual authority and place:

1. YOUR EARTHLY DECREES MUST MATCH SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY! 1 Chronicles 21 talks about how King David was provoked by Satan to number Israel. Although David had earthly authority to command a census, Israel belonged to God and David carries no AUTHORTIY spiritually to number Israel because they belong to God and not David. The Lord was angry at the pride of David and even the Prophet was grieved in performing the census of Israel and prayed that the numbers would be skewed because the prophet knew even statues of God and how dangerous it would be to the people. The Lord sent correction to David killing 70, 000 men and Jerusalem was about to be obliterated with the sword of an angel standing between heaven and earth with all power and majesty. David saw how greatly he offended and sinned against God and repented and God sent a command to withhold the hand of the angel. David issued an order and although it was carried out, 70,000 lost their lives and many more were about to be destroyed. Pride and arrogance cannot reign in your heart as a spiritual leader. You cannot rebuke and have no spiritual authority. Your earthly decrees are meaningless unless your divine authority is backing it up from a heavenly perspective. We have too many today speaking in the earth realm but their words are only earth bound because it is rooted in flesh, carnality and pride.

2. YOUR NAME AND RANK IS KNOWN IN HEAVEN...AND HELL! In the book of Acts 19:14-16, the bible speak of the seven sons of Sceva trying to do ministry and cast out devils by the name of Jesus "whom Paul preaches". The evil spirit says, "Jesus, I know. Paul, I know, but who are you"? Then the evil spirit overtaken the seven sons of Sceva, abused and hurt them. You must understand, your name and rank is known in heaven and in hell. If you have no spiritual authority conferred to you by elders or senior ascension gifts (laying on of hands and confirmations), your enemies have access to bring harm due to your operation with no heavenly legal authority or protections. You are operating in a realm you are ignorant about and untrained to operate. Get submitted to training and under the authority of those that operate spiritually in the realm you desire and properly be released. Develop your name with Christ in the power of HIS fellowship and let Him send you out!

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I posted under -Prophetic Meaning of this last Week's events postOctober 5, 2013 at 5:24 PM
= so I would agree with the concept of what he says.One of the things and I could go teaching to a biblical extreme on this scripturally because of an almost blinding imbalance. Is this we also need to understand God set gifts in the body man can confirm but ultimately if one is obedient you are created and trained by God. Men can help or hinder as both Christians and unbelievers. There is much tradition and omission to doctorine nowadays. When it comes to realms of authority there is both physical and spiritual as such God destined the battle. Example laying of hands is all good. but although I did find record of some things I have faced let's face it most ministers don't have many dreams and visions most have never been in the spiritual realm most consider a demon on pretty much the same battlescope as a simple demon which is and enemy of ours but far less and less capable than the things in eph4. Governments is a gift in the body and God gives gifts to the Body.Many ministers nowadays rule out wilderness training when it was a leading of the Holy Spirit even for our Lord Jesus Christ. Most ministers refuse to honour paul be led into the wilderness for years.Indeed it's easier to require a resume and referances to have to look to God to disceren the body. Although these are good guidelines the first should be look to God get a response that seems to be hard for many ministers I've met in this area indeed offensive. Man can confirm but God sets in. Israel is our example God will send someone listen or refuse disceren or don't and we see this premise even more when His people fail to obey and go their own way. indeed in isiah and Ezekiel we see go and tell this people and most of them won't listen tell them anyway pharaphrase. There is a lot of imbalanced teaching in this area and lack of teaching in general in fact many of Gods own leaders become offenended by it but that doesn't change scripture and scriptural patterns and methods God may utilize. Have a good day God enjoyed the post.An off the subject example would be this. I used to several years ago be afraid to say this now I believe it's tru. example Quote norval hayes - (you ever seen anybody who doesn't flow in the gifts trying to teach on them it's just funny.)Indeed it resembles churches that only acknowledge several offices saying I know what that office is and I am to train all offices in my church it's just funny lets see them walk into a room where candles lit are shooting a foot high you can see shifting lights and of course theres the 30 or 40 degree temperature drop. Most wouldn't do it. There is grace to do what the Lord would have us to do. unfortuanatly for apostles and prophets scripture states many religious people will persecute them.Many will not acknowledge paul threatened churches leaders and thru believers to the devil out of a love and obedience to God He was a prophet in the beginning but He became an apostle.