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Kim Clement: "Stop Looking to OPEC and the Middle East...I'm Going to Give You a New Source of Energy and Resources"

Kim ClementGod Wants to Open Up Resources
September 21, 2013 - From The Den:
[God] started dealing with me about the blessings that are supposed to be on the people of God – people that serve Him, people that give, people that do good. There's supposed to be a blessing.
So, I began to pray for different things, and while I was in the garden, I was speaking to someone about building an altar there so that I can bring all the prayer requests to a literal altar as well, and then I heard this in my mind: He said, "I want you to tell all the businessmen and businesswomen, all the business people, that you are going to dedicate a specific day to pray for their businesses."
I saw it developing and I began to pray. I saw young people become entrepreneurs, and they're going to make millions and billions of dollars that are set aside for them. You see, God sets times and seasons aside for certain things.
When I was in the garden, I was catching a glimpse of this season where God wants to really raise up businesses for people that want to start businesses and people that are in businesses now that are drying up (in other words, you're not doing very well). There's another business for you. There's something new – a new opportunity, a new door that has opened up for you.
I heard all this and thought, "What do you want me to do about it?" He said, "The first thing you've got to do is enlighten them, because there are a lot of people that are discouraged."
There are a lot of people that have lost out so much, they think it'll never be retrieved and that it's impossible for God to ever restore them. But what you're doing is, you're looking to the same source. In other words, if you sell shoes, you're trying to sell more shoes, and the shoes are not selling. What you're trying to do is beat that dead horse when there might be something else.
Start digging for wellsGod wants to open up resources. All He needs are a few people that are prepared to start digging for wells.
That's when it happened in Isaac's time; there were wells that were stopped up that belonged to him by inheritance, but by occupation the enemy had them. In other words, the wells that Abraham had dug were Isaac's as an inheritance, but he didn't occupy the territory; therefore, even though it was his inheritance, by occupation they (the enemy) controlled the wells. That's happened in America; that's happened all over the world. Those who take occupation of a region or of a soil – they have the power. That's what's happened with the oil.
So what did God begin to do? He did exactly the same thing. He said, "Stop looking to OPEC, stop looking to the Middle East, and wherever." He said, "I'm going to give you a new source of energy; I'm going to give you new resources," and people found it difficult to believe. They found it difficult to believe because what we do is we focus on that which we are familiar with. I want you to take your eyes off that which you are familiar with.

Don't Give Up; I Hear the Sound of the Abundance of Rain
Elijah must have gotten insecure, and God said, "Elijah, go to Zarephath, and from Zarephath, after you have been fed, I'm going to take you to a mountain and I'm going to give you an abundance." It took diligence on Elijah's part. It took Elijah getting on the mountain and saying to his servant, "I want you to go and look for that little cloud."
The man went once – nothing; then twice.
You know what the problem with us is? We give up too easily because we heard a word and we don't see it manifested.
He said, "Go look," a third time; the man went looking for a cloud somewhere on Mt. Carmel, looking at the sky. They hadn't had rain for three and a half years. He came back again and said, "Nothing." Elijah didn't stop and say, "My God, what's happening?" He said, "Go back, for that which you have never seen shall be seen today." He didn't attempt to run back to the brook. He didn't attempt to run back to Zarephath. He said, "I want you to look ahead, because there's got to be a cloud in the sky because rain is coming."
You know why? He said, "Because I can hear an abundance of rain."
I hear the sound of an abundance of rain!He didn't say he could hear a little bit. He didn't say he heard a drizzle. He said, "I hear the sound of an abundance of rain."
So he goes a fifth time; he goes a sixth time, then goes back to Elijah and says, "I tried, but nothing. What must I do?" Elijah says, "We've tried six, but I hear the sound of abundance."
How many of you hear the sound of abundance? And yet you've looked and there's nothing. Have you continued, have you pressed in? Have you continued giving and praying? Because that seventh moment is upon us. That seventh moment is upon many, many businesses all over the world, and many of you watching me that don't have businesses – that moment is upon you now. If I've heard it, you've got to see it before you can get it.
I prophesy to every one of you now that there is a realm of craziness, and there's a word God has for you at this very minute to get this to happen. If for Jacob, why not us? If He could do it for Jacob, why not us? If He could do it for Isaac, why not us?
You might say, "The New Testament tells us we're supposed to be poor." Who told you that? It says that Jesus became poor that we might become rich in our souls, in our spirits, in our bodies, and in our families, relationships, and our businesses. We are a people that are going to make a difference in the world today. There's the word from God.
"...and today My word to you is let go and open your eyes, for today I will open doors and bring prosperity to your businesses, to your industry, to your ministry, to your artistry. Today, shake off that which you have held onto, for I open a brand new door for you," says the Lord.
This is what I'm hearing: "There are people that have stepped out before and it hasn't worked, so you're afraid." God says, "Don't fear. Don't fear, because I watched you as you took the step of faith. Today I'll honor that faith, so take a step out of the boat and say, 'Why not us?! Why not us?! Why not us?! If Moses could prosper, why not us? If David could prosper, why not us?! If Abraham could prosper, why not us? Why not us?! Why not us?!'"
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What I have worked in a refinery. A national gas standard would quite likely drop gas around 10 since per dollar of it's current price. 9 - 13 new refineries would drop the price per barrel around 30 % Canada offered to sell us 50% of the oil sands around 150 years worth od fuel for the U.S. at current uasage America said no. china tried to buy it Canada said no. there is a strip mining process (not as bad as it sounds last report oil due to new technology could be removed for around 14 dollars a barrel, under many of the plain state there is oil running all the way up to Canada around a 100 years at current usage. there is also over 100 years of fossil energy which due to new technology can be converted to fuel and energy. the government will not give permits to build enviormentalists stopped one refinery from being built because it may affect one species of insect. WE have 100's of years of energy and that's not including Alaska. I don't mean to be mean but due to the trickle effect a million if not millions of jobs could have been created with that loan from china in ten years we could have been fuel independent of anyone and one expert in that field crunched the numbers abd said had we taken that route with the new tax money and export America could have been debt free in as early as 10 years and military spending would not even be an issue. There are articles on all these things God provided these things from the foundation of the World our government just won't allow it or iniate it. It's an absoloute tragedy. As far as our nation goes anyway

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