Friday, October 11, 2013

False Doctrines Embraced By the Church (Nita Johnson)

I don't know this prophet, but I see things here that make me believe she is hearing from heaven.

I also clearly saw one of the things that will happen to the Church. We are heading there already. I was in a huge room full of people, and everyone there was a Christian. I saw an Imam, an Islamic leader, teaching the Christians about Islam. When he finished, he took an altar call for those who wanted to embrace Islam. Everyone in the room raised their hands, and Chrislam was born in America. I saw something like a veil of deception come upon the people the minute they raised their hands. It came and fell down upon the people, and their vision was changed. I said to the Lord, “What is going on here? These people are Christians. How can they embrace Islam?” The Lord said, “They are people of compromise.” I am well aware that Chrislam has already begun. Nonetheless, I guess when I heard about it, I did not give it much thought because it seemed so absurd to me. Now God is saying, “This is an issue that's on My heart, and so it needs to become an issue on your heart.”

The day is coming when false doctrines will be preached and embraced in this nation. The Christians who have hearts of compromise are going to embrace them, and they will be deceived and destroyed. I asked the Lord, “Is this mixture the only one?” He replied, “No.” So I said, “What are the others?” He brought to my attention another movement that is yet in its infancy in the body of Christ. People are getting involved in knowing and understanding the roots of Judaism and how the Church is of Israel. Paul talked about it himself in the Bible. They start getting involved in understanding the roots of the Judeo-Christian faith, but instead of just understanding the roots and heading up to the glory at the top of the tree, they get sunk in the roots, where they lose the beauty of their faith. What the Lord showed me is that this deception will be propelled to a whole new dimension. It will be the Book of Hebrews all over again. The people will hear this teaching, and instead of embracing grace and faith, they will go back to embrace the law. They will lose their salvation over it.

There will also be those who will get involved in a hyper-grace message. They will begin to view grace as being not the cure, but the Band-Aid. As a result, they will live lives of deep sin, thinking, “Well, the grace of God will cover me.” They will cease to repent, cease to apologize, cease to know sorrow over their sin, and cease to love the cross. They will lose their love for the Blood, thinking that grace has covered all of their sins, while they continue living for the world. They will persist in going deeper and deeper into the world. Even though they lose their salvation, they will cling to what they perceive to be the grace of God still covering their sins, bringing forth a very impure sector of the Church. Again, I know that is already in its infancy within the Church. These are not new things; they have already begun.

What He wanted me to understand is how bad it is going to get. It will get to the point that the Church will start embracing the new age doctrines, looking to occultism and spiritism instead of to the blood and faith. These doctrines are coming to the Church.

Further, He warned me many years ago about the pride of life, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes. There is going to be a wave of satanic power that will flow over the earth which will cause the heart to become so lifted up in pride, you cannot teach or reach that one anymore. This will occur among both the saved and the unsaved. When this satanic power flows over the body of Christ, as well as over the world, it will also heighten the lust of the flesh. If there are issues in your life where you have an inability to keep your flesh under control, and while it is happening right now but you do not deal with it, then the day is coming, and is close at hand, when you will not be able to control it. It will control you, to the loss of your soul.

The lust of the eyes is the love of power. One of the reasons the Elite are in the trouble they are, is because they have a lust for power. Their lust is not necessarily for money; they have all the money they need. Why would someone make plans to kill millions of people in a country? Is it because of the love of money? They are beyond that now. It is the love of power. The Lord let me experience the love of power that Hitler walked in. It was terrible. He rose up in this love of power to such an extent that he hated God with such a vile hatred that he wanted to kill or destroy anything that even remotely resembled God. That means he wanted to kill both the Jews and the Christians. If he saw a Bible, he wanted to rip it up because of his hatred for God. His hatred was all rooted in the lust for power, wherein he felt that God had more power than He needed, and Hitler wanted the power that God had. It was as evil a thing as you could imagine. It expressed the very heart of Satan himself.

The spirit of these things is going to be sweeping across the body of Christ. That is why the Bible says the Lord will not return until the great falling away. (2 Thess 2:3) It will come because the Church did not let the Lord deal with these issues in the heart, until the enemy had established a stronghold. This is not a day to walk in compromise. It is a day to seek the Lord while He may be found. Seek His ways. Seek His holiness. Learn to love. Learn to walk in trials in a spirit of humility. Many besetting trials are coming that will create in your heart persistent sins if you do not let go of the things you need to let go of today. Pray diligently that God will correct you and that He will direct you. Pray that He will reveal those things in your heart which you never wanted to see, and that He will give you the grace to see them and the heart to change.

Jesus talked about the great trials that would happen in the last days, and He said that many would fall away. The love of the great body will grow cold. (Mt 24:12) We are the only ones who can determine if our hearts are going to be hot or cold. Trials cannot determine it. Other people cannot determine it. Not even Satan can determine whether my heart is going to be hot or cold. I am the only one that rules that part of my being. God cannot even determine it because He has given us the right to rule our own will. So today is the day to begin to make Christ number one. Follow His ways. Get into the Word. Find out who Jesus is and what He is like. While you are learning, ask Him to make you into His image.

Difficult times are coming, but when Jesus asked me to start the Gatherings, He told me that if we would do this and be faithful to the vision and call, then He would release revival upon America before He will let war touch her. Why is He going to send revival? Revival removes fear from the mind, heart, and soul. Faith is put in its place, giving you a faith-filled mind, faith-filled heart, and a faith-filled soul. When faith rules your being, you see everything that happens through different eyes. God wants to give you eyes that see and understand how to walk through the treacherous path unharmed. Revival is His desire for you. In the revival outpouring, He is able to establish faith in you so that there is no fear. Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up in the morning and not feel fear about the days ahead? Wouldn't it be wonderful to awaken in the morning and think, “What can I do today to glorify my Lord? I don't have much to give any more, but I can sure give myself, and I can give Jesus.” You are just as happy as any person can be because there is no fear.

When you are in a spiritual environment of faith, you can do the impossible. You will see miracles happen—not only miracles of healing, but the miracles of needs being met. You will see many miracles because you have become a person of faith. Because you have become a person of faith, you walk very close to Jesus. The Lord wants you to want Him. He wants to put in you the heart to know Christ. He wants to put in you such a heart that you have no care for things outside of the Kingdom of God. That is where your heart is. You are fixed on God. But it takes faith, and He wants to build that in you. How does faith come? “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Rom 10:17) and by the anointing that breaks the yoke.

You have plenty to pray about. Now you need the faith to believe God for the answers to those prayers. We will go through hard times, but we will move forward through them into destiny. It is important that you prepare for the hard times so that your heart is not over-awed and torn up within, but rather, you are set in the faith that will keep you strong. Do you believe that America is going to make her destiny? She is, if you will pray.

After thought given by way of a vision!

It is an awesome privilege to hear the Word of the Lord, even when it is difficult. Love His Word. Even when it is frightening to hear it, love it. I cannot tell you what a privilege it is for the Word of the Lord to come from His throne and into your precious heart. Love His Word, for in it is life. Even though it is difficult, there is life in that seed for you. It will bring forth life. If we are going to share His glory, we must share His suffering. In that truth, there is life for your heart and soul. There is strength to stand. There is grace to run.

I saw a vision. I saw the Father sitting on the throne, and I saw the Word come forth from His mouth and enter into your heart. I saw that His Word was holy, and I saw His own love for His Word. Then I saw His love for you, and when the two became one, it brought Him great pleasure. It is because He loves you that He wants you to hear His plans and the plans of the enemy. It is because He loves you that He wants to birth in you the heart of the overcomer. How? Through His Word!

The prophet stood before the Father, and the Father said, “Eat of the scroll.” He ate it, and it was sweet as honey in his mouth, but as it went down, it became bitter. (Rev 10:9,10) Sometimes God's Word does that. It tastes sweet to the tongue but then bitter to the soul. You notice however, that the prophet did not regurgitate the Word because it was bitter. He retained it, and it became life. You must do the same. When you have retained the bitter, then you will understand the glory that I just saw.

“Come into Psalm 91. Let it be your hiding place,” says the Lord. “Be for me a priest, and pray and intercede for this nation that I love. I will bless you for it. Hide in Me, and I will be the strength you need. Follow Me, and I will bring you into sonship, and you will know My glory.”

In His Love,
Nita Johnson


Anonymous said...

unknown prophet- testimony already I have had to deal with some of the issues and deceptions mentioned in this article. Indeedd even your pevious post has a lot of truth in it pertaining to those even who where born again. As to this post God does know who will make it for the lamb was slain before the foundation of the world but he surely did leave freewill and will give his creations a right to it concerning how they conduct their selves with him. years ago I was told to go to a hotel and fast as I sought the Lord some extremely supernatural things happened the call was Ezekiel three. around 4 or 5 years later I about died I was fine with it the lastseveral years had been hellish. God soverignly raised me up it was a miracle for a week straight all I heard was isaih six songs sermons exc. Fro the last several years yearly for a season much of the next generation has been neglected my people do not understand them many shall not enter into the next move (it is revelatory so feel free to judge it after several years I do have peace about it. Many leaders are going to come under judgement for not discerning the body and refusing the whole council of Gods Word to present Him as His Word says He is and not making a God they want. As to the deception there is spiritual forces at work I have had to deal with such attacks. Their main goal is to get one to deny the hard truths of the Word not rightly divide the Word and refuse to present the whole council of it. It's deceptive in a sudductive way be wary. Also it is quite likely there will be a new grouping of ministry gifts many will not know and don't get me wrong there are many faithful current leaders yet many are doing as saul did. It is that compromise as a leader than can draw one to deception and even the judgement of God. thank you for both this post and the last I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

hard part about the gosbel message is in between hyper grace and legalism. for the deivil I wish god reduce his influnace on earth becuase so good at lying that no human has skill to debunk his lies well. 2nd how can people have free will with that satanic wave. I pray that god will put stop it because it give satan unfair advantage over a person. I also want the holy spirt to speak in way that every one know it form god. feeling to not cut it.

Anonymous said...

She's a false prophet that believes in the gold dust and jewels from heaven miracle. God is not speaking through her. She also teaches the mature and immature prophet doctrine, something that isn't in the bible. The bible only speaks of a true and a false prophet.

Anonymous said...

You're right, I was a follower of her and God exposed her. She prophesied that Mitt Romney would win the 2014 presidency and Obama won it, she tried to clear it up & said that she moved ahead of God. She's an agent for Satan deceiving many & operating under the kundalini spirit.