Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One group is making this declaration together. If your spirit resonates with it, feel free to join them.

We repent on behalf of our President, his family and our nation, and we receive grace and forgiveness for our President for coming into agreement and covenant with principalities and powers governing the nation and world. We repent on their behalf for allowing their lives to be used as conduits for the implementation and collaboration of fallen angels, who give charged power and are the operating force of government behind government and of world deception. And for participating in any secret orders and rituals to continue to gain this power. We stand in the gap and we repent on our President's behalf.

Father we ask you to break the chains that are attached, and open Barack Obama's spiritual eyes, as well as his natural eyes to see Holy Spirit revelations of his role in your Kingdom as you have created him for greatness that fulfills your purposes in the earth.

We ask that you open his spiritual eyes, the eyes of his true heart, to receive and encounter you Lord. We declare a deep and broad capacity of his heart to be prepared and open to hear and receive your perfect love and truth. May he meet Holy Spirit in a deep place that will shift his heart toward you, God.

We renounce on his behalf the mindset of the elite circles, whose outcome is the "Human ego separated from God, becomes hostile to the service of mankind". Cover he and his family with your hand of protection, Father. May each member have a face to face and heart to heart encounter with the abiding and all encompassing love of the one true and living God of the universe!

We declare that the stronghold that has taken illegal right to direct power over our Presidential Seat, be broken in Jesus Name! We speak that Father moves Barack Obama and his family off the chessboard of Freemasonry completely and that the cord between the American Presidential Seat be forever severed from Freemasonry, loosing them from all elitist manipulation and usury.

We cry out for freedom of all deception and for wisdom and revelation of God's purposes for the Obama Family to be in the White House. We call for justice on their behalf and release the full purposes of God into the lives of the Obama Family and our White House!

We stand in the gap Father, for those who are involved in Freemasonry and who are the elite in our country, using our leaders as pawns. We repent on their behalf Father, and we release your love and your forgiveness. We release the angelic heavenly realm to go and remove the hoodwink off of those who have worn it; and we speak that eyes are now open to the truth and the love of who you are as THE DIVINE ARCHITECT AND CREATOR!

We release your heart over them Father and your cleansing blood Jesus, to wash over and warm the frozen hearts of idolatry and deception. We ask Father that as you have been sending your precious son, Jesus to meet the Muslims face to face in dreams and visions, that you would do the same with those in Freemasonry. That we would hear the evidence of your word to the Freemasons. THAT YOU DESIRE TO FREE THE MASONS!!!!!!!

Father we lift our own bloodlines before you to cleanse by the blood of Jesus and make new. We ask for the same, for all those in our country who have been under the stronghold of Freemasonry, Lord. WE DECLARE THAT YOU ARE LORD OVER OUR LIVES, OUR FAMILIES AND OUR COUNTRY!!! We ask Father, that you would begin to release dreams that frame the true identity of each person under this stronghold.

That they would see themselves in their dreams and see the beauty of your plan and purposes for their lives! That they would SEE you for who you really are. That their spirits would come to the forefront and receive a true encounter with their true Creator! Lord, wash them in your gentle overwhelming, overpowering and overcoming LOVE, releasing to them the precious gift you secured for each of us by making the ultimate sacrifice with your most beloved heir and son, YESHUA! We say, "LET IT BE SO, FATHER".


Anonymous said...

ancient secrets of Freemasonry and it's occult roots in an Egyptian religion. Discover the meaning of Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics. Peter confronted a servent of satan seeking to hinder the gospel. Father I loose your hand to come against every servent of satan and angels to see that your will is done. Father it is your will that none should perish break them and draw them unto you.
Father you said whosoevers sins we remit are remitted and we retain are retained what is your will. By far about a year ago one of the wisest prophetic calls for prayer was issued by paula price not that I agree with all her material but it went along these lines. Calling mature intercessors. I mean mature not presumptious those who have entered into the Spirit to do battle in the spiritual realm all others disregard. Pray for the young Apostles and Prophets. Realize that you must cover yourself your life and your family in prayer. The young apostles and prophets are struggling to survive and get into their call. again this is for mature intercessors. If you are not stay out of this intercession. When the enemy realizes you are interceding for them he will move against you with a fury you may never have yet known. but they need your prayer. they are struggling and if satan manages to wipe them out or controlling leaders deny them the ministry God destined for them we will know a darkness across the land as yet unknown. (summary)

Anonymous said...

"We repent on behalf of our President,"

No one can repent for another person's sin. Each person must repent for their own sin. The Bible is very clear on this. Each person will stand before God and give an account for their own sin.

Take this example. A person is living a sinful life. You repent for the sins they are doing. They get hit by a truck. Will they go to heaven? Of course not! I'm sorry, this is foolishness.