Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to hear from God for Yourself

I have tried to help people who wanted to grow in the area of hearing God's voice for themselves.  There is a trap that most people fall into that stops up their spiritual ears.  I am a believer in journaling, books, bibles.  The problem is it becomes self focused, not God focused.  Here are a few prophetic land mines:

Writing down prayers and the answers to them.  A good thing to do, but it's all about you. It's great for testimonies, but does little to hear from God.

Using Bible Verses, rehearsing them, and calling them the voice of God.  I see or hear this frequently from Jr Achievers at the pulpit when they say something like, "I was reading thus and so in the Bible and I believe this was for me".  This happens.  It's good. Chances are the coming alive is the Spirit of God at that moment.  The land mine is believing that you have to read the Bible to hear from God. 

Reading a book by another Christian (or a blog, or a Facebook post, or many such things) and thinking that something that quickened to you was the voice of God.  He can and will use these things but it is no substitute for hearing HIM for yourself.  Second hand revelation is second best.

Listening to speakers, preachers, conferences, tapes/CDs/YOUTUBE/Downloads etc to hear others talk about what God is showing them.  This can be addictive.  It contains in it the "You shoulda been there" concept.  That God spoke thru these men and women and if you weren't there... you missed it.  God Can and DOES speak in these forums, but once more, God is using them, He would rather speak to you directly. 

Sometimes people hear from God while enjoying worship music.  Certainly a great place for God to speak... yet.. it contains in it the idea that I can only hear from GOD if I have my favorite CD playing... it's the idea of God PLUS anything can become a cult. 

Understand, I take part in all of these. All of these contain or can contain the Word of God...perhaps the word of God for YOU.

Here's how.  Learn quiet.  Learn Silence.  No book. No Bible. No tape.  Nothing.  Silence. That means no music. Nothing.  Then, in that atmosphere...pray, ask God to speak. Ask him to show you things you did not know. Ask him to reveal himself to you in a new way. Have a pencil and paper available.  Be ready to write.  Then WAIT.  IF you can,  pray in tongues.  IF you don't pray in tongues, this is going to be much more difficult.  It's the gateway to the gifts of revelation.

 Then go quiet after you have prayed for a while.  For some that will be an hour.  For some less or more.  Wait on the Lord... He will renew your strength as you do. Silent.  His still small voice will speak to you.  Write down what ever you think you hear.  Write it down without revision or judgement.  Just be a stenographer for God.  

This will open a door you will want to go back to  again and again.  The good news is, if you do this a few times your hear will become attuned to the voice of the good Shepherd and another voice you will not hear.

Like they said to Mikey, try it you'll like it.

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Anonymous said...

You would not believe how many speechless stares I have got from pastors that move in the gifts when I say everyone has a right to hear from God. It' s hard for me to even think about pastors with churches of some size yet struck speechless and some even wary of anyone who hears from God it's tragic as the result of this negligence for leaders affects multitudes and generations. Where is the fear of the Lord ?