Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Snow Globe

When I am prophesying to someone it seems like the Lord is tell ME something sometimes.  I don't always hear nor remember what the Lord puts in my mouth.  Sometimes, however, it is so stirring that I hear it for myself.  I know other prophets have this event take place.  I read the ancient prophets and the words they brought had as much impact on them as it did on the hearers to which they were sent.

Tuesday night after prophesying to a dozen or so I was about to go home.  One more came to me.  I asked her first name as I always do.  I took her hands, closed my eyes and looked for the imagery that would lead to the Word of the Lord.  A snow globe appeared in the eye of the Spirit of prophecy.  A snow globe like ones you see that has a winter scene with liquid in a globe.  If you pick it up and shake it then for a bit the flakes fall, it looks like its snowing.  You can barely see the little house or figures in the globe as the "snowflakes" fall.  Then after it sits quietly for a bit it clears up.

The Lord said "Sometimes your life is like you are living in the center of a snow globe. All is well then something comes along to shake you, that shaking releases things that obscure your vision, distract, cloud your focus and take your eyes off the destiny I designed you for.  When the shaking comes, stay quiet.  Settle.  Focus and your temporary confusion will fall to the ground.

The shaking you feel is not coming from ME.  It is attack and discouragement coming from the fallen one.  Be of good courage, even though you can't see when the shaking comes... I AM still here. With you.  In you.  Around you.  I will never leave you."

It spoke to me... it spoke to the woman I was prophesying to and I hope it will speak to you.  Next time things seem a bit fuzzy or cloudy... remember the snow globe.

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Anonymous said...

Great Word - TYJ!