Wednesday, May 8, 2013


"They that carried us away required of us a song; and they that wasted us required of us mirth, saying, Sing us one of the songs of Zion. How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land?" (Psalm 137:3-4).

The people of God were in the hardest place of their lifetime. And as they were carried away, their captors required of them a song. Yet there was no life in them anymore, nothing but depression, despair, hopelessness.

Multitudes of Christians are in the same position today. You may be trapped by your circumstances or the devil is coming at you with an old temptation. You are on the edge of giving up, thinking, “I can't make it. In spite of all my crying and praying, that old bondage is going to hound me forever!"

When Israel fell into Babylonian bondage, their captors cried to them, "Sing for us! Play for us! We've heard all about you and what your God did for you Now take out your tambourines and bring out your harps. Play us a song. Show us your joy in your God!"

I do not believe this demand was made only in mockery. I believe it was also a pitiful plea. The Babylonians' gods had left them empty and dry. They had no hope. But they had heard Israel singing to their God, a God who had seen them through impossible circumstances. They said, "These people have a God who can open a sea for them. His fire comes down from heaven and He stands against
their enemies. There's got to be something to this God of theirs!"

Like all the world, they wanted to see a people who endured the same problems they endured and faced the same battles they faced, yet could sing and shout and hold their faith in the darkest of hours! The Babylonians demanded a song because there is something in every person's heart that cries out, "Where on the face of the earth is something that can make you sing even when you've lost
everything?" They needed a testimony! It is important that the children of God, wherever they are at whatever time, sing the songs of Zion: "God, I believe You, no matter what is happening!"

The world is shouting to us, "You can show us a miracle! It isn't the Red Sea opening up that impresses us. It's not seeing the blind given sight or the lame healed. It's that you can look at the darkest hour of your life, a situation that's hopeless to all human reasoning, and yet smile with joy, singing praises to God. That's the miracle we want to see."


Anonymous said...

Sir this is kind of off subject I need some help I desire to stay free from error. My pastor quoted Deuteronomy talking about the curse and the blessing. didn't mention job who God considered righteous said ah all our sins are paid for. If you miss it you miss it don't sin intentionally but I don't find anywhere where paul after he was saved ever repented your sins are paid for. Sir my understanding is if we sin willfully and ignore the law God has placed within our heart He will touch our conscience which is made knew by the blood or tell us and if we confess its all good my pastor doesn't see it that way He also said no reason for putting up with anything ever just blessing or your not believing its been done I actually saw a godly man in the church wheel out of the auditorium with a bowed head pastor that stuff in the law is for disobedient salvation covers everything (you've already got it)Which is so close to telling people I am rich and in need of nothing it's almost scary no reason for putting up anything less than blessing and I thought of all the apostles went through to accomplish Gods will and He required them to endure but pastor says if you believed you'd have it manifest he used every promise yes and amen didn't mention what james but joyce meyer laid out many scriptures God might not answer prayer dereck prince said no is an answer and repentance isn't an option its essential not one time. Times seasons plan and purpose are up to God and variables. can the conscience be defiled. is did demas go to heaven? is repentance a one time event is cain and abel true and the warning of jude.pastor says it's already done dereck prince said American language differs from greek translates be ye being saved it is a race paul spoke about which cannot be done apart from Word and Spirit but it must be run and finished well Sir i'm confused abit it's a lot of questions but important. Help I can see his point but it seems to me he neglected a lot of scripture and condemned the sick and poor and the right of the potter to mold the clay and prosper the soul signed confused and condemned

Gene said...

Not off subject at all.

God's blessings are in spite of any circumstance we find ourselves in. Paul said that. We can't measure the blessings of God by our situation. You and I have known many who have been in very difficult situations yet live in blessing. So, trust God no matter what. I don't know your pastor. I do know my God. He is worthy to be trusted.