Friday, May 24, 2013

Eileen Fisher: I'm Closing Single Doors, But I'm Going To Open Double Doors

Eileen FisherThe following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on April 2, 2013 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:
I heard the Lord say, "I am going to start to move in secret places where I have not moved in before. You're about to see exposure in higher places that you've never seen happen before. You're also going to see a spirit of humility adopted by My Bride, because she is going to be in such a place of submission. You will recognize her obedience by watching her wash the feet of the saints in servanthood.
"She will not be looking to be looked upon. In fact, her eyes will be so fixed upon Me she won't even know who's looking upon her, because she will not care, because she will only have her eyes fixed on her Beloved."
Fix your eyes upon meHe said, "I am looking for a people who will fix their eyes upon Me, and in the process of fixing their eyes upon Me, I am going to start to fix their eyes. In the literal, in the natural, you will begin to hear of people whose eyes have been touched and healed. You will begin to hear of people who have been trying to listen and listen, and you will hear their hearing has been given back to them. As they were growing to listen on the inside, it was an overflow to the outside."
Double Doors Will Cause The Waters To Part For My Spirit To Come In and Visit Fresh Upon My People to Fill Them
He said, "I am calling many of My people out of still, dead works. And I am calling them to come in to where there is action of My Spirit. When there is action there will bring a reaction. It will be a reaction of healing, of salvation, of the baptism of My Spirit. Get ready to be a people who look for the 'reactor' of the Lord your God."
Double doorsHe said, "And in this process, many of you are going to be compelled in the midnight hours to fall upon your knees and ask for the fresh calling. I'm going to start shutting down doors to places where you have become to be comfortable in. I'm going to close single doors; but I'm going to open double doors.
"The reason single doors will close is because it will be the singleness of man's thinking that I will be closing down. The double doors I am going to open is going to be 'the double door' that will cause the waters to part for My Spirit to come in and visit fresh upon My people to fill them.
Laughter, Healing and Hope
"Get ready for a move that will humble My people. They've tried to humble themselves, but," He said, "true humility comes when you rejoice in Me and acknowledge My greatness, for," He said, "You cannot but be humble when you are in the presence of an awesome God.
Laughter, healing and hope"I will humble My own, and it will not be with prayer and fasting, as days of old, but it will be with laughter, and healing, and hope. For I'm about to put up the trumpet, and you will hear an angel that will be sent forth, and it will not be the angel of long-suffering, but it will be the angel of provision, and the angel of gathering.
"And you will hear a new sound that will go forth, but you will recognize it because of the discernment I have put into your spirit this night. You will recognize the right call with the right note. And you will jump, and your spirit will leap, with acknowledgement of My Spirit. I am reawakening My generals who have gotten discouraged."
He said, "I'm shaking them to awakeness, and I'm going to start to put heaviness upon their heart. It will be a heaviness that will be of My presence, to where they will weep at My goodness, as Moses wept, and as I wept over Jerusalem. They will weep, but it will not be unto death, but it will be the weeping that will be unto the new birthing of revival.
"So be not concerned for changes, but keep your eyes fixed upon Me, for assignments will overtake you, and you will know they are by My Spirit. For there will come forth one voice, one battle cry, one agreement, and one provision, and it will be done by My Spirit," says the Lord your God, in Jesus' name. Amen.
Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher Ministries


Anonymous said...

Prophet gene I am stuck in a ditch most I have got to find a mature battle proven prophet. I live almost halfway between Dayton and Toledo. Help any direction to a church or minister in this area would be appreciated.I have only found one church my old church acknowledges prophets but they neither train or allow any to move in the service.

Gene said...

You must live near Lima OH. There are nearly 300 churches and fellowships within a drive of there. I don't know them all. I would make a point of asking Holy Spirit where you should go. Some will automatically exclude themselves. Others will not. Try them all. Seek for an anointing. IF the pastor should talk with you (they will) be honest. Say, I am seeking a prophetic house. One where the gift is in operation as in 1 Corinthians 14. Is this that place. IF you don't get an answer that satisfies... move along. I promise you, there are more than you hungry for this. You will find your place.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir. I am not much on secular songs and I don't know the name of I read your response today I remember thinking I have been doing this and he has been teaching and testing me. And I heard I've been seeking and hopin' like a melody ? so I looked up on the web then you tube.
The Kirby Sewell Band - I've Been Hoping is the only one I could find. This is a hilaraious confirmation to your advice, Also I would like to submit this to you for judgement. as I was driving down the road today (I perceived seeing but not, large swords flying down from the sky relatively close together I knew these represented prophets downward and then one pulled up in an arch up some off in different directions but the first one I saw as it pulled up into the sky I could see it as I sought the Lord I heard well tempered I remembered (they where sturdy clean well built and BIG and looked of very very fine construction)I think there may be coming prophets from out of nowhere I was delighted to read your post on the potter and the clay. Any thoughts as to what I may have seen and perceived. I gotta say it again I am delighted at the confirmation . Thank you