Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Death Agenda

We know the words of Jesus:

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly".  John 10:10

If you read this in context you will see that this has to do with false shepherds, hirelings, false leaders and pretenders.  In other words anyone who is NOT the GOOD shepherd.

Yet there is a revelation.  There is implied in his warning about the thief that the thief has an agenda.  A mission.  One to Steal what you have and is rightfully yours.  We can spiritualize that and it's OK to do so, but when you are stolen from or someone uses deceit to talk you out of what is rightfully yours, that person is a thief.  He is doing what thieves do... STEAL.

A second part of the thieve's agenda Jesus talked about was destruction.  To tear apart.  To destroy so it is no longer useful.  He leaves behind the rubble for you to clean up after he has wrought destruction.  But the destruction is certain.  The thief gets little benefit from destroying you except it is part of his mandate of evil.   When you see destruction of those things held dear and valuable in your life, be certain it is the enemy, the thief.  He wants you to give up everything under the crushing destroyer sent to create havoc in your life.

The most critical part of this evil agenda is that the thief comes to KILL.  He strives to create less and less value on human life such that in the end there is none at all.  Death is his agenda.  It is his ultimate destruction and theft.  The destruction and theft of life itself.

We see that all around us.  Manifestations of the spirit of death.  We see it in the abortion mills.  We see it on the street.  We see it in our media... TV and movies.  Hundred are killed every day before our eyes until we are hardened in our heart to it all.  We see it's result in the news as the report last week of a huge increase of suicide is taking place in our culture.  We see it all around us.  Death is being held up as the norm by out government and culture.Life is becoming cheaper and cheaper.  Valueless in fact now to many in our culture.

Unless we recognize the thieves in our lives, those sent to allegedly protect, those in authority, those who have the power of temporal life and death over us.. we will willingly submit to their schemes.

Nazi Germany manifested such a disdain for life.  We are seeing the same thing again in the USA.  The death agenda is alive and well.  Even in our health care systems... life is no longer the goal.. cost savings including letting people die is the purpose now of the evolving system.  End of life expense is targeted.  Take a pill.  Over medicate.  Much of what we think is progress is part of the death agenda.

Unless you are vigilant, you too can be like the poor misled and bullied Jews who had hope of a promised better life as they were herded into cattle cars on the way to the Gas Chambers.

The thief is alive and well.  He has an agenda to steal from you, destroy you and kill you.  Jesus said so. That settles it. 

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