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Kim Clement: Now Suffocation Is Coming To An End

Prophesied and Transcribed from April 24, 2013Kim Clement
Free From Suffocation
April 24, 2013 - From The Matrix:
We're going to start the whole month of May, which is a week from now (spoken on April 24), as we end the 70th day, after the prophecy that I gave in November about January 21st, between 70-100 days, the python would be destroyed (read on The Elijah List).
I gave a prophecy in November 2012 about January 21, 2013, that between 70-100 days from then, the spirit of python would be destroyed, which is now, in the month of May (read on The Elijah List).
If you've been suffocating at night, if it's been difficult to breathe – how many would relate to that? If anybody has found the last few nights that you've had bad dreams, nightmares, you find it difficult to breathe, you woke up anxious...I want you to know it's the end of an era of the spirit of pythos. If you have had bad dreams, if you've had suffocation or you feel like you're suffocating and you've woken up anxious, very anxious, don't worry. It's the force that is desperate, trying to control your finances, your love, your relationships, your children – and that spirit of pythos is coming down. Not only do I say it with faith – I prophesy it, because we spoke it a few months ago, and I want you to know that that is what is happening.
If you've been experiencing this (I experienced it last night...I woke up battling to breathe), if it happens to you, don't worry about it. You have spiritual warfare and you have the power to overcome this thing, but you also have a prophetic word about what's going to happen at the end of this hundredth day. You're going to sense the presence of God and the end of pythos, which means we're entering into the month of May free from suffocation. Believe it or not, take that as a word and a sign for you – summer is coming!
I want you to know, there's a global outpouring about to take place, and God looks at the Church, ecclesia, to see what they are doing. Judgment begins in the house of God, then He decides how He's going to deal with the nation; [but] He looks at the Church first.
We've got to stop these silly pity parties, because it just takes you to a place of no vision, and that is what the prophetic is for – to give you insight and vision as to what's about to happen.
Everything we spoke about since November of last year is coming to pass – even tragedies that are happening; [but] "out of the bitter will come something sweet." We're coming to the end of this 100-day period where He promised that the eggs of the python would be destroyed and that we would be entering into a new era of economic growth and spiritual growth first of all – and watch what happens. It doesn't matter if you don't like Obama and his administration. God said, "I'm going to take charge because of what My people dictate, what My people say. If My people say blessing, I will bless. If My people say cursing, I won't curse."
There you go. God wants to bless, but He's looking for an occasion to bless and the occasion of the people of God that have prophetic insight who speak it out. It's not just a matter of being positive. It's a matter of saying, "This is what I have seen and I refuse to say anything else than what I've seen."
It's the End of a Season: Rejoice! Breathe Deeply!
The Spirit of God has just said to me that, "The people that are watching need to understand that I cast a mantle upon this generation. I've cast a mantle of truth upon these people that would say yes to the Spirit of God. It is time for you to realize that the strangulation is not against you but against the spirit of pythos, which is divination."
What is that spirit?
There are spirits, there is darkness that is endeavoring to cover the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and all over the world...
And God said, "It is not possible for it to happen if My people would rise up and take charge against the spirit of divination, which is lying – telling a lie about Me. It is misrepresenting Me. I am strangling it Myself. As the people of God realize it is the end of a season, I want you to rejoice; I want you to take a deep breath now."
This is the word of the Lord – now. Take a deep breath! Blow it out!...
...This is a spiritual action; this is a prophetic action. You're doing it like the prophet who lay on his side; the prophet who ate the scroll. Do it now! Breathe in three times and breathe out. This is the word of the Lord. We didn't know what was going to happen because He didn't want to tell me first.
Breathe deeplyThe power of strangulation, the power of suffocation is coming to an end. You say, "Kim, I've heard that before." But those who believe it, those who believe it, shall have it.
How do I strangle this force? By saying the word of the Lord that has been spoken: It is your end; it is your end. I am going to breathe. My finances will breathe, my relationships will breathe, my spiritual life will breathe, my soul will breathe. I will breathe, my family will breathe. We will breathe freely because the breath of God is upon us now. Now Lord, I take authority over that one more time. I want you to breathe in – take a deep breath, everybody. Now breathe out!
Like Jesus said, the wind blows where it wants to. No man can predict and say where it should go, which direction it should go.
Wind of the Spirit, come, breathe, because that is what you came to do. There was a sound of a mighty rushing wind on that day of Pentecost, the day we approach, where once again the Spirit will breathe upon His people. Now, Lord, free every person that has sensed a force of suffocation.
Today I release them from that suffocation. You may say, "Kim, I've got lung problems." Take it now; if it's physical, take it now. I mean this. I'm ministering a word from the Holy Spirit to you. There is breath available; it's around you, it's in your house. I told you there would be a sign. There will be wind blowing outside. You'll sense something now. I'm not making this up. Raise your hands; close your eyes. For every person that has suffered some time of suffocation, strangulation, battling to breathe in whatever area it is in their lives – barrenness, whatever it is (this month of April), You promised us You would open it up.
As we come to the end of it, Lord, open up the spiritual lungs, the lungs of the soul, and breathe now. Close your eyes. Breathe upon each one right now.
It's On Its Way!
He sprung a surprise on me and started giving me the word about now suffocation is coming to an end. I've said that before in my teachings, and it has in individual's lives, but this is more of a Kingdom word, a national word, a global word for the people that have been struggling and suffocating, if you wish. That's the spirit that we're dealing with now. God sent His word, but He's gone through all these different things to you. If somebody sends a package from Europe to you and there's a storm, and the flight has to be delayed – you might say, "How can you relate that to God?"
Why not? The angel had a word for Daniel, and the angel came 21 days after Daniel had fasted; the angel got there on the 21st day. But he said to him, "From the day that you set your mind to understand and to pray, the Lord heard you." That was 21 days prior to that, [but] the angel got there 21 days later. I feel a word coming to me about this – that that word, that desire, that promise, that thing that you've prayed for is on its way. But the angel said to him, "The Prince of Persia has been at war with me and I've overcome him and now I have to go and fight the Prince of Greece." So, I just want you to understand we don't know what's happening in the Heavens. Keep praying, keep thanking – it's on its way. Everybody say, "It's on its way!"
The Season of the One Hundred Fold
April 27, 2013 - From The Den:
One hundred foldGod's Spirit says, "Listen; hear Me now. I have set aside a season during the summer which shall be called the season of great harvest – which shall be called the season of the one hundred fold. It shall be called the season where people went out and they picked of the fruit of their labor.
"This is a season, a time, where there will be a great harvest," says the Lord, "where summer camps will be invaded by My Spirit, where summer schools will be invaded by My Spirit. I have set a time aside to invade schools and homes of children. I will raise them up, wipe their tears away, take away spirits of heaviness, and replace it with garments of praise, give them oil of joy for sadness, and to give them healing. This is a season during summer where I will bring a hundred fold upon My people who receive it and who declare it and who live it. I shall do it during the summer," says the Lord.
"Out of the bitter shall come sweet; out of the bitter shall come sweet. Out of the wrong shall come right. Out of the evil shall come good. There is no loss in the Kingdom. That which has been taken from you, I will give back during summer. Listen to Me. I will give it back to you, but I shall not hand back what was stolen two times, three, five, or ten...but 100 times. If you can receive it, then do. If you cannot, then you will not receive it, for that which was stolen from you, I wish to restore 100-fold."
I know there are literally hundreds of thousands of people that will hear this that will suddenly say, "Yes!" And if you've heard it before and you say, "I've heard that before," remember that there are times that God sets aside to restore. That's right, a time for war and a time for peace; a time to die and a time to live. There is a time for everything. Now you're entering a time of restoration of your goods, your financial property, your homes, your relationships that have been stolen. "I will restore," says the Lord. Now everybody all over the world, lift your hands and say, "I receive it! The thief came to steal, kill and destroy, but today I receive the life and the word of the Lord!"
China Is Going To Be Filled With Light
Talking about going to China: We're about to leave for China, and whenever God sends us on a mission there are moments of despair, especially when you are a prophetic voice, because you know that you have to deliver something. Bob Cathers came here and told me, "God's not sending you there to adopt another child, or another two children only – or to visit the orphanages or the healing homes that you support. He is sending a prophet to China as a statement to do something."
It's what He does. You don't have to say a word; it's the presence that God sends to a nation – forerunners. John the Baptist was a forerunner. I see that China is going to be filled with light. I have prophesied that for a season the United States of America and China shall be in agreement and in a pact. No, don't look at me and say it's not in the Bible... (Kim goes on to discuss this. See Genesis 26.).
By the way, this is one of the things He said to me today while I was praying: "I want to restore visions, and dreams, and signs back to My people in fullness." Many of you watching are going to receive signs from God if you believe it.
Kim Clement
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Act 16:16 ¶ And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination-vines Divination:
(Eng., "python"), in Greek mythology was the name of the Pythian serpent or dragon, dwelling in Pytho, at the foot of mount Parnassus, guarding the oracle of Delphi, and slain by Apollo. Thence the name was transferred to Apollo himself. Later the word was applied to diviners or soothsayers, regarded as inspired by Apollo. Since demons are the agents inspiring idolatry, 1Cr 10:20, the young woman in Act 16:16 was possessed by a demon instigating the cult of Apollo, and thus had "a spirit of divination." met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying:-vines to act as a seer a) deliver an oracle, prophesy, divine Ezekiel 13
From a derivative of μαίνομαι (G3105) (meaning a prophet, as supposed to rave through inspiration) Act 16:17 The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation.
I don't know what to say I guess I have no real witness either way but Divination in trenches does seem to mention a reptile but the tx on blue letter bible ,org shows one reference to divination and mentions prophets and the only alternate use I could find is Ezekiel 13 and it seems God is giving instruction to judge certain prophets as to every body 100 fold everybody claim it the bible states some 30 some 60 some 100 ? I won't judge it but I sure won't repeat any of it intionally
I did see a good one and this man will lovingly correct Bobby Conner: The Master's Potter