Monday, May 13, 2013

Samuel Chose the King...or did he?

The story of Samuel choosing the king of Israel from Jesse's sons is instructive.  1 Samuel 16:1-13

God had a man to lead Israel.  One who experienced much, was prepared in the secret place, one who had an encounter with the true and living God.  It was that one, the one overlooked by Samuel's flesh that God chose.  If you read the story carefully you will see that Samuel wanted to anoint others who looked better, had better credentials, had leadership quality.  He also didn't want to do this, he was certain that Saul would kill him.  All in All it was the Spirit of God in Samuel that drove him.  This is and was always God's plan. 

Prophets are appointed by God to identify and anoint for service those who God has chosen to lead his people. 

We don't do that any more. 

Apostles appoint and anoint themselves.  Or they find another friendly apostle to lay hands on them.

In some denominational churches leaders are chosen by a search committee.  I have been part of that.  It's not God's way.  God never worked thru committees.  Flesh cannot accomplish what God ordains.  Flesh can only recognize what God has already done if it can put aside it's fleshly influence as Samuel had to.  Prayer isn't enough.  Samuel didn't pray, he heard.  

The real kings who are to lead are chosen by God alone.  You can't find God's leader by resume. 

Ishmael is usually the result. 

I won't name names but there are several men and women of God over the years that God has sent me to anoint prophetically for service in the kingdom.  I was with one such this last weekend.  Years ago God told me how he would be used.  What his place in the Kingdom is.  Like David in that day, once the prophetic anointing took place the Spirit of God moved GREATER on him.  1 Samuel 16:13

We need to get back to true prophets of God anointing true leaders in the Body of Christ or we will continue to lurch from crisis to crisis of false leadership.  When man tries to "HIRE" a leader, he usually ends up with SAUL. 

That of course will require true Prophets.... that's another story.


barnabas said...

I thought this was so good that I translated it into Swedish and put it on my blogg. Hope you don´t mind.
God bless!

Anonymous said...

That of course will require true Prophets-that's another story...there's the key in a nutshell.