Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On the Oklahoma Tornadoes of Yesterday

I listened for the voice of the Lord about the devastation in Oklahoma. I was hoping for some consolation. Some wisdom. Some explanation. He was not silent. He said, "The carnal mind is always looking for a reason, for someone or something to blame. Don't allow yourself to be as the godless are. Give thanks for your life, for every breath. Mourn with those who mourn. Share joy with those who were spared. The fear is not for the loss of your life, but for the loss of your eternal destiny. This is not judgement or anger. This is as it has always been. Rain falling on the just and unjust and sunshine on those who in your reason should not deserve it. Spread love, be salt and light, stay steady and vigilant. You do not KNOW the day nor hour of your times. My comfort dwells in you and will ever be."

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Anonymous said...

The Lord is taking his little ones, He's not going to let the enemy have them. Victory for the children! Healing for all those left behind!