Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Why Am I Here?

Praying Medic wrote this...but I thought it was good I'm here to share life. I'm here to encourage you. I'm here to write things that might inspire you. I'm here to share testimonies. I'm here to help train you for life's battles. But I'm not your mother. You are responsible to show up for life. You must take the initiative & learn what you need to know. I can't spoon feed you the information. You must feed yourself. I'll do what I can to provide materials, but it's your responsibility to ask questions, practice what you learn, and apply the principles in your own life. Ultimately, all of this must point you to God. How it all gets worked out is between you & Him. I can't hear God for you. It's your responsibility to develop that relationship with Him. Nothing else really matters except that you and God must get to know each other better. If I don't succeed in pointing you to Him, my mission will have failed.

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