Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Come out of Exile

I have heard from the Lord this morning that the Church of Jesus that once was great in the nation of the USA has been in exile to Babylon. It no longer is in power. It no longer has influence. It no longer carries authority. Yes a few Daniel's exist... but most of the Church languishes weeping for the past that once was by the river Jordon. Church, it's time to come out of exile. We must ignore the Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem's who tell us that things are fine, they have always been this way, and besides who told you to build back? Coming out of exile will take true repentance, some will decide to stay behind in Babylon. Some will even side with the Babylonians. That doesn't mean they are right. Leaving Babylon will cost you everything Babylon provided. Cushy living and protection. It's not going to be popular to come out of exile. Freedom from the Babylonian system will be worth it all... after the pain heals. There will be pain. Come out from among them..says the Lord.

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Old Mama said...

I think I have always had a problem with "the Church." Church seemed to be a place you went to on Sunday, but somehow God was just left there, and you went and visited him for an hour on Sunday. I finally just quit going to church. As an adult, I decided God did not spend much time in Church Himself. He has always seemed more real, more present to me while I am working in the garden or taking care of the animals or while I am standing and admiring His sunrises and sunsets and the amazing workings of nature. Your last line just caught my eye: "Come out from among them...says the Lord." Perhaps I "came out from among them" a long time ago. I have always thought there was something wrong with me. I do not fit in and I never have, although I spent a good bit of time trying to fit in the world, until I came to realize I was simply wallowing in sin and soul sickness. I tried church again and left again. I do not fit in the world and I do not fit in the church either. I was told I worship the creation and not the Creator. I do not see it that way. The sheep are being separated from the goats. The Shepherd is calling. I read the headlines and I look at the world around us and all I can think is, God help us.