Saturday, January 19, 2013

When Beliefs Become Confused with Truth and FACTS

Jesus said, "I am the way, the TRUTH and the LIFE".  Truth =  Fact.  We would all agree... or do we?

Our personal beliefs play a huge role in how we view our life. Our theology.  Show me your theology, I can show you your life circumstance.  Your estimation of things will depend entirely on the framework of your personal beliefs. Our beliefs provide a structured process through which we evaluate everything in our lives.

We develop our personal beliefs about reality (truth) based on how we interpret the world around us according to our observations and experiences. There are two major components or aspects that contribute to your personal beliefs, an emotional component (experience) and a logical component (learning).

In some cases, a belief starts out much like a theory. Assumptions are made based on logical observations and deductions.  Or something we read, hear or are taught.  In other cases, a new belief grows out of an emotional viewpoint that seems to be supported by logic.  It's all reason.  We are trying to make sense of it all.

It’s the blending of these two major components that form the basic structure of our personal beliefs. Through the window of these beliefs, we try to make sense out of the things around us. We also use them to form assumptions about probable future results and how right we are.

Once established, beliefs become accepted as facts and are rarely subject to scrutiny. They become our “personal operating system.” Much like the operating system on your computer, our beliefs control how we sort and file every bit of input data.  We filter things thru the screen of our belief system.  We do that with Bible Stories.  Scripture. Theology.  We know what we believe and all else gets screened out.

Everything we see, experience, think and feel is adjusted to fit with those beliefs. In other words, our version of reality (the Truth) is a creation of our beliefs. Our personal operating system disassembles and reassembles all input data to conform to what we believe.  If it doesn't fit it goes into the recycle file.

This is not a conscious process.  Many of our beliefs were established in childhood and have outlived their usefulness even if untested. Others are leftovers from situations and circumstances that are no longer relevant. Why is this important?   Well, imagine trying to run your current software on an ancient version of windows, or some other obsolete operating system. The results would not be very satisfying. The same could be said of obsolete belief systems that are still influencing how we evaluate everything in our lives.  They become untested as things change and challenge. 

Beliefs must be upgraded as they fail to prove true.  As we mature, many of our former beliefs no longer work. They have outlived their usefulness.   Others hammered out on the anvil of time and experience become proven tested principles we learn to rely on. It forms our CORE.  We must have CORE beliefs.  I have them.  So do you.  IF you didn't you couldn't operate.

People can become stuck in certain theologies, beliefs, things they consider facts based on what they believe, yet the danger is we strip Holy Spirit's ability to shake our world and do a spiritual Upgrade to the belief systems we relied on so diligently.  When we resist those things we will rely upon tradition and religious systems and teachings that keep us from hearing from God.

Many of the things I KNEW for certain with absolute certitude 30 years ago have been torn down like the strongholds they were.  Strongholds that came against the knowledge of the true and living God.  The true and Living GOD is JESUS; "I am the way the truth and the life.  NO MAN can come to the Father but By ME".  He wasn't kidding.

We become deceived by all our books and learning that we can get to the Father.  We think we can hop and skip over the one on one personal relationship that will (if we are lucky) wipe away much of what we were taught or read and replace it with the truth of who HIMSELF.  That only comes out of intimacy.  All maturity in God comes out of intimacy.  Not teaching.  Not preaching. Not theology. Knowing HIM.

The only way we can come to HIM is thru faith.  That HE is and will reward us with Himself if we diligently seek him.  That's a tough call.  We have to set aside our reason, our learning, our study, our box that we have tried to keep HIM in and say, SHOW ME THE FATHER... Jesus will say to us, if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father.   Luther said, "The enemy of Faith is Reason".  Reason will drive us into the dead end of having all the facts based on our beliefs of what believe is truth.  Of course as I have already said, Truth is not a concept, it is a person.  Jesus. 

I have a vision of what it will be like in heaven when we see him Face to Face.  Did you wonder why the elders and the beasts fall down repeatedly and cry Holy over and over again.  Because Jesus keeps showing them another dimension of His Glory and at that revelation they fall down and cry out.

What arrogance man has that he has one zillionth of one percentage of Grasp of the TRUE Glory of Jesus.   That is TRUTH.   SEEK HIM.. FIRST the KING and His KINGDOM  -- everything else will be added later.  It won't be what you think or believe are facts today.  Truth is a MAN on a THRONE.