Friday, January 18, 2013

What if Jesus had a Face Book Page??

I believe it would say the same things He said when He was here. There are a lot of Clues there in the pages of the Canon. Some are not very "he that is without sin, let him first cast a stone".   The most popular thing Jesus ever said. 

I won't shoot a couple hundred Bible bullets... they're there ready to be fired. I could.

He seemed to be pretty hard on Pharisees, politicians, People that cheat others, People that Monetized Ministry in the temple, religious people, People that expressed doubt at his destiny (Peter), Rebuking fruitlessness, Condemning those who abuse and mislead children and an intolerance of demons.

He also offered clarity about things to come without sugar coating.  He declared woe sometimes.  Woe unto...   He made comments about current events and offered opinions on the tax laws.  Seems like he would have a lot to say about our culture in 21st century America.

I think if HE were writing on our walls, we would tremble at HIS posts. WE all love the loving Jesus, He would show compassion and care to those hurting. His posts to them would contain life.  He always did.

Let's be careful not to put words in Jesus Mouth. When he speaks, DEMONS WILL TREMBLE and SAINTS WILL FALL DOWN PROSTRATE on the the ground. Our response to HIM is to Love and FEAR HIM for HE is the true GOD of all the universe.

HE IS writing on your Facebook page EVERY DAY.  You can hear HIM, just listen.

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