Friday, January 11, 2013

"I read the final chapter and God Wins" is wrong theology

You know how you see all the time, "I read the final chapter and God Wins".  

I was thinking about the fallacy of all that.  It's like there is some contest and there is a chance for loss.  Not so.  It should be better said, "I have read the whole book and God WON." 

The defeat of the enemy was already accomplished.  There is no rematch.  NOW, like a wounded dying animal, the enemy of MAN contests with him to try to get him to share in his defeated destiny.  Lake of fire.  Eternal Damnation. 

Some people who think the war is on are deluded into thinking THEY have to win.  NO, HE carries a banner as a parade of victors in life proceed making mockery of the demons of hell.  You can leave the procession...but you do so at your own risk.  Stay in the boat, stay in your lane, stay the course, run the race and finish well. 

The victory is already yours.

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