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Kim Clement: Two Giants Will Be Brought Down and Two Forces Will Be Released

Kim ClementDecember 31, 2012 - From Israel:
Two Giant Spirits Will Be Brought Down
Let me tell you the things that I saw when I was praying, especially today, this morning as I was praying, that there are two giant spirits that are going to be brought down. There are a lot of forces that control generations, that control cultures, and that control even seasons. A lot of people think because there's so much evil going on that there's no good going on. We don't understand and realize that there's something powerful emerging, and very few people actually get it, because you have to perceive it.
The one spirit that I spoke of earlier and that I've taught you on was the spirit of pythos or python. Remember, when I had my vision just about the time of the election, I said that there's a python (that speaks of a spiritual force that strangles, as you know). A python suffocates its victim. And most people don't even know this – that a python can barely see or barely hear, but it has a tongue that senses the chemicals and the dust, so when there's a lot of dust, it gets its victim that way. I taught the people that this force wants to strangle us, and many of you felt that suffocation.
But the Spirit of the Lord spoke clearly to me and He said within the first 80-100 days, the birthing of more of these spirits is going to be crushed and destroyed. We know that, and a lot of people are saying, "But what's going to happen in the first 80-100 days starting in January?" That's what's exciting about the prophetic. God will say something or speak something and we've got to work it out. That's the problem; we want everything to be handed over. The thing He spoke to me about was the thing that He's dealing with – the spirit of pythos, or python, which speaks of suffocation. Religion is the thing that suffocates a lot of people.
The second thing He said that's going to happen is He's going to destroy, or bring to an end, a spirit of impenitence; in other words, impenitence, which means not being remorseful. People are not remorseful; they're obstinate, they're unpersuaded, they're callous, they're shameless; they're unrepentant. I want you to know that's going to come to an end. Now, of course, there'll always be people that are callous; that are unpersuaded to do good – evil is happening all the time. We understand that. But He said that particular force is going to be dealt a severe blow so that there'll be an openness from the people to change, an openness to be sorrowful.
You watch how that happens. We've had preachers trying to get people to repent and to get them to get on their knees, and to force them down and say, "If you don't, hellfire and brimstone are going to come," but that's not what it is. The goodness of God leads a man to repentance.
David said these words – he said, "Your gentleness has made me great." Where are these virtues? Where are these characteristics that the Church used to hold close to them – good works? You watched how we've done good works; we met with the mayor this week, and you're going to see all that happened this whole week. We went to see an orphanage, and beautiful things happened.
Two Forces Being Released
He spoke about two things that are going to happen as we step into 2013. Number one is a force of acceleration. I was praying in my garden the other day and He used the word "Swift," and He said to me, "I want you to say that word over and over and over – swift, swiftly" – that's what He said to me. "Say it over and over because this is going to happen; you're going to be swift." I didn't understand it and I thought, "What does that mean?"
When I was praying today He said, "Tell the people that there is going to be a force of acceleration and of swiftness." I looked up the word "swift" and this is what it means: capable of moving with great speed or velocity. It means no further delay. I want everyone watching me all over the world to say it – no further delay! No further delay! No further delay! What does this mean? It means that what is yours has been delayed because of the enemy slowing you down, suffocating you.
Listen to me – pythos, what does it do? It suffocates you and you begin to fall down and you cannot go any further. Some of you have felt the life drained out of you. Some of you feel like you cannot wake up in the morning. This is going to be declared null and void if you will accept it today when we go onto that mountain. Listen to me – the force of acceleration is going to be released to replace the force of pythos, which is the strangulation taking your breath away, so that you have life.
The second thing He said was He's releasing a force of lightning. I have a lot to say about this but I cannot do it now, and I want you to know that Code Breakers has worked out something so close to Firepointe, that I got this morning, which I'm going to share with you as we go into the New Year because it's a very clear word about lightning and how resources are going to come through this and it's going to be released during the year of 2013.
Now listen what the Spirit says: "Get ready, prepare yourselves for days of celebration. I told you that there are forces that have held on. Watch Greece; watch Europe as you see things changing, as I loosen the grip of your enemy. America, you have said, 'More evil has taken place,' but," God said, "I'm going to take you into a place of complete victory. For those who would believe it and those who would say it and those who would receive it, I will shake the enemy. But today you have to join in and say, 'Starting right now,' because," God said, "it's starting this very moment," says the Lord.
Kim and Sunil are talking about the natural gas fields in Israel and how they are now forecasting they are big enough to sustain Israel for 150 years, not 40 years as originally thought, and how other nations are beginning to invest (Australia).
Sunil: Kim had a word this morning as he was preparing for Masada, and he actually sent this to me and I'm just going to throw this out there so that you can research.
Kim: This was this morning when I was praying; I got this word. Actually, what was happening was I was praying for synchronicity. I was praying for us to be synchronized, and suddenly this word came out and I thought, "What is this word that just came out of me?" Please listen; everybody listen to this, because you've spoken about Firepointe and you've said, "What's going to happen about it?" It seems like the Heavens are opening up for this to happen so that there will be many people debt-free in these next few years starting now in 2013. That's an important issue, because if God gives us a key, like He's going to now, and we keep our eye on it and we invest in it, many of you can be debt-free. You may be saying, "Kim, I don't even see that." Well, you're going to see it today because you're leaving 2012 and we're going into 2013 with a new perception and with some new thoughts the Spirit has given to me. Now, [Sunil], read to them what I wrote to you so they can see how special this is.
Sunil: Kim wrote to me: "I heard the word synchroton. The Spirit has been telling me that during 2013 there will be two forces released which would affect the medical field as well as weapons which would protect America and other nations against the imminent attacks from Russia, North Korea, and these Middle Eastern nations. He gave me two forces, angels and spirits, that would be released: 1) acceleration, or swiftness, and 2) lightning and light."
Kim Clement
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