Sunday, September 16, 2012

Short Takes from the Day of Prayer on 9-11 - Part One

As I was praying last Tuesday, a number of things were told me by Father. Some were just for me. I won't share those whispers in my ear. Some were things that you might find interesting. What is very revealing about the way God speaks to me, it's far less DEEP then I normally try to be. He speaks in simple phrases easy to understand. So if this doesn't knock your socks's OK. It did mine.

I was sitting quietly and a breeze came up. A cottonwood tree near my spot was rustled by a breeze. I thought about the old American Indian lore that when the leaves on a cottonwood rustle it's the great spirit moving about. The Lord said, "You don't need to see the leaves moving to know My Spirit is is".

I was quiet and content.. feeling great Joy in the Lord when he said, "If you think you have peace and Joy here, it is far less then I have for you still by My Spirit.

I expressed gratitude for my life, He responded, "Your life is My gift to you and your grateful heart prolongs your life".

He told me to appreciate this time, "This time alone with Me is what my Sabbath Day rest is to be like, Find this place often".

I was looking around, it was a perfect day, bluebird sky, perfect temp and by a perfect lake. I was awed and then he said, "IF you are impressed with how perfect My creation is, Think of this, I created YOU, PERFECT. Yes corruptible, yet you judge yourself and others as damaged goods. I don't see you as you see you...I could; but I have already clothed you in perfection-- in Garments of Righteousness, you are SAFE in MY Presence".

I was fretting a bit in prayer about finances when He said to me, "All you have ever wanted, all you have ever needed I have been faithful to provide....I change not. I know the longings of your heart, but I want to hear you..Cry out to Me"

I asked what the Lord wanted me to do regarding certain things I am involved with, He said, "Do less, but what you take on to do, do better..with greater excellence...that's what I created you for".

I asked about cutting ties with those who don't receive the gift he has placed on me. HE explained, "Until I willingly went to the Cross in Love, I went intentionally only to those who received me and celebrated my presence. I still do. I did not many miracles among those who did not believe, or who were lacking faith in ME. I wanted to bring the Gift of God to them...but they hardened their hearts and blocked my ability to heal and deliver them. When I instructed those I sent out two by two I told them to only stay with those who received and celebrated them. I have sent you into your world. Only stay where you are celebrated...not tolerated. I will not have My gifts reluctantly tolerated".

I asked what I should bring to people as I minister. He said HOPE, "the word of Hope will lift anyone. Become a carrier of the hope filled word. When you open your mouth, I will fill it".

There was many more downloads that day...I will publish all that are able to be publicly published.