Friday, September 21, 2012

Kim Clement: "In the Month of October, I will Arise and Shake the Enemies of Israel"

August 21, 2012 - From The Matrix:
AFTER A HOLY SPIRIT INTERRUPTION: I sense very strongly that God's grace, a season of great favor is upon us. Favor is upon us. It's always there, but during this season of grace, our hearts must not be hard, but our hearts must be sanctified and broken so He can cast the truth into us. Then we will yield Him a bountiful harvest. The word that I hear from God is "bountiful" – bountiful, bountiful, beautiful bountiful – coming from our children, coming from the unborn that will come forth, coming from the elderly. Bountiful harvest is the will of God. Bountiful. Asia. Africa. The Americas, bountiful. In these homes, bountiful.
September 11, 2012 - From The Matrix:
"Never forget, never forget what your enemy is capable of doing. Keep your sword, your shield, held. For they plan and they plot; they look upon the nation of Israel and America and say, 'We will succeed. 'But I sit and I laugh in derision," says the Lord. "For they fight not against man, against kings of the earth, they fight against the Lord and His Word and His covenant, which is forever. Therefore, the prophets will prophesy the doom, not of My chosen, but the doom of those who hate My Name. My Name shall be exalted; My Name shall be hallowed on this earth. My people, who are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, turn from their wickedness, and I will heal, heal. Retribution is Mine. I laugh at those who stand up and say these words. I laugh at you, for your day is coming."
September 15, 2012 - From The Den:
Israel is Forsaken, But Not for Long
Israel, My love; Israel, My life; Israel, My joy; Israel, My light.
Israel, My light, My light will shine on you again, Israel.
Israel, My light; Israel, My love; Israel, My joy; you will burn again
With the flame of the Mighty God, with the flame of Yeshua.
Israel, My love, Israel, My light, Israel, My joy, Israel, My life
I prophesy to Israel: Though everyone abandon you, I, the Lord, will stand with you.
Israel, My light; Israel, My love; Israel, My joy; Israel, My life.
I see satan fall like lightning!
Prophetic Word:
"Israel, again you are surrounded by enemies. But today, watch how I, the Lord, can change the heart of mankind. You must stand alone. Why? So that I can prove Myself, that I am the Lord, and I have stood with you for millennia and I will stand with you again. In the month of October, I will arise and shake the enemies of Israel," says the Lord.
And from the very caves of Hell, the very dungeons, these words are being uttered: "We have done everything we can. Why don't they just act? Why don't they just strike at Israel? What more can we do? We plan; we stir the hearts with hatred and yet light continually shines. We must do something lest we be punished! What? Israel? We have infiltrated the minds of the Christians to believe that God has forsaken Israel, and yet as we convert one, another gets converted to understand the glory. Hah! I have a reputation to keep," says the spirit of ancient.
"Why do these Daniels constantly come back? Why do these Davids constantly come back and resurrect in the bodies and minds of others? Oh, that we would slay them just once. Finally, but Joseph appears again, and Paul, that scoundrel. They're all over. What do we do? The prophet hears into our chambers. We've stirred in Colorado, we've stirred in Wisconsin, we've stirred in Las Vegas; we've stirred the Gulf. We have stirred Chicago, we are stirring, and yet they arise, these menaces, praying – and just one word strikes the very core of our being. The earth is in a rain, and yet we hear sounds. We must go. Try one more time with a strong king. Whisper in his house to believe a lie. We have taken over national media, yet there's that stinking Fox and other righteous ones. Let us return and work."
I was caught up into a place of absolute peace. Still. All I could hear was breathing; nothing else, just breathing. It was like some storm had just gone by and there was still. This is a very crucial time for this nation, America. I kept hearing this breathing. Spirits of unjust men made perfect. We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses watching this moment that Daniel saw, and the prophets, to see. Again, Israel is forsaken, but not for long.
Again I will say those words that I wrote down when I was filled with the Spirit like I was now, and I'm seeing things about to unfold, quickly, very swiftly. It's been holding on and holding on. We can never overestimate the consequences of the sacred filling of the soul. Light, power, love, purity and many other blessings are inseparable from the Spirit's benign presence. Enlightened now by His pure celestial ray, darkness is gone for a moment and there is only light.
Fire that is present – every one of you, wherever you are, lift your hands up. There is a pure fire. Fire depicts the destruction of enemies. Our God is a consuming fire. Fire. I pray for You, God, to go into every home and destroy the enemy that has stood at their door. The Blood is covering the doorposts, now. Fire in this Den, in my body, soul and spirit. Go forth into every home and into this nation and the nations that are standing up for good. Lord, let every family represented here receive this presence that I am possessed with. The fire of God's Holy Spirit consume the enemy of their souls, the soul of this nation, and the soul of Your people and set our consecrated nature ablaze. And now, Lord, the rains have come. The water has come. We pray for that heavenly water – the mist, the dew, now, now. Let it remove barrenness, drought and famine and fertilize our lives today.

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions


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