Friday, September 14, 2012

On the future of the nation - Heard from the Throne... 9-11 a day of prayer

I took time to go aside to pray alone with just a notebook. Many things were just for me... God cares about me too. Some things were for the wider Body of Christ. I therefore offer you the things I heard as comfort or warning.

I inquired of the Lord - What of the things to come in our lives. What is the future of the USA. What can I expect? Here's what I heard HIM say:

Without repentance there is no turning around. Without repentance there is no forgiveness of sin which reverses the curses brought on by sin without remorse.

The condition of the Nation is the result of turning your back on a covenant made with your ancestors at the beginning. The nation has broken the covenant I make with you.

Only by returning to repair this breech of covenant will bring about the restoration of what once made your nation a symbol of greatness even in it's imperfection and injustice. How mercy triumphs in a Godly nation. Only those truly called of God will grasp what must happen and cry aloud for repentance.

Unless the nation repents and turns from it's wicked ways, much darker days will come. It has always been my pattern to allow a people or a nation who breaks covenant with Me to sink deeper and deeper in sin and despair until they cry out for mercy. The USA is not yet at that place. Unless repentance comes in a full turning around things will become darker and more difficult. I will answer quickly when the cry comes, but not until the cry.

Prepare for darker days but without fear. I will preserve you.

CRY ALOUD AND SPARE not hold back... call for repentance.

Later in the day I asked again, why things were so dim in the future. He said it's a matter of who you trust:

Trusting in Man is the Single Greatest Failing on the earth today.
Some trust in horses...some in in the name of the Lord YOUR GOD

Have no fear...this is not place for fear in MY Love for you. I am the banner that goes before you, the banner over you is Love and your rear guard. No fear in Love.

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Blessed Economist said...

A big sin that shapes the United States is President Idolatry. The people will not repent of that sin until it is called by the prophets.