Sunday, September 16, 2012

Called but not Chosen

I feel bad for those who do not walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit..who do not hear from the throne, who do not commune in a heavenly language, who are stuck on the plane of reason and understanding and not that of trust and revelation. I want that for everyone...yet the Lord spoke to me about this. He said "many are called but few are chosen". We think that is about salvation, but it's not. It's about being called into intimate fellowship with HIM. Many are called and answer the call... they are Christians, they will get to heaven, but they live in a realm called soul until that day. They are not chosen. Jesus had many called who followed him, but when it got rough, very few were chosen. I was frustrated with this reality and the Lord said to me, don't judge, you are a disciple, there are few. Many are Christ FOLLOWERS, enjoying miracle feedings and healing. Listening to good messages from the mount. Enjoying the wisdom. Headed for heaven. But their hunger for more is not there, they have not been chosen as Disciples. The choosing is always available, but when they come to the seaside call of Jesus they stay with the boat and go to the meeting place from time to time to hear the master.

Jesus says... COME...I CHOSE YOU... FOLLOW ME as my Disciple.

It is always the challenge to make disciples... we can make Christians, headed for heaven but making chosen disciples is rare.

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