Monday, September 3, 2012

Prophetic Musings

I won't tell you that this is ALL thus Saith the Lord, but some of it comes from deep within. I see signs of this in the days to come:

The Divide in the nations between the Godly and the Pagan will deepen. Calls for unity will end up being vain. This will seethe beneath the surface. The devil will use this to create strife between groups. The demand will be for compromise. There can be no fellowship of darkness and light. Neither will compromise.

Deception in the church is not lessening, it is accelerating. The remnant remains but it is smaller than we imagine. Even very elect people, people who love God they say, people who claim God knows their heart will find themselves deceived and shipwreck because of the craftiness of satan. It will be a sad day because many because of pride will not humble themselves to admit their sin and die in service to satan's agent thinking they are doing the work of the Lord.

The violence we see increasing all around us will come to an apex. That will trigger either a cease fire from a culture sick of the violence; or a blow off of anger, rage and eventually martial law in many places. This will result in a government crisis. There will be a soft civil war. Not everywhere, but many places.

Attempts after this will be to quell the violence by disarming the populace. This is always the result of civil disobedience and strife. Blaming guns and not people with guns. This will be a battle.

This will manifest to an economic crisis. The nations of the world seeing smoke rise over the cities of the USA will lose faith in the Dollar and the US Economy. It will result in many countries drawing back and the economic result will become a devastating economic crisis.

The USA has lost it's fear of God, has lost it's spiritual foundation of Christianity AND will become adrift in deeper and deeper decadence. Police will be used to silence those who raise their voices against this. Some will refuse. When the military is engaged, many of them will refuse to take up arms against their neighbors.

Blood will be shed. It will be painful. This will lead either to a righteousness returning to the nation or a drift toward the level of oppressive fascism as happened in Nazi Germany or Communism as happened in China 50 years ago with re education camps and mass murders of anyone who did not comply. The Chinese will welcome this move and even support it looking at the deteriorating situation in it's biggest debtor nation.

Weapons that were previously never foisted against the population of the USA will be used with the approval of those who embrace an agenda that is Anti God and Anti American. Islam will take advantage of the situation.

These are very dangerous times. Persecution is on the way. You will be asked to decide. Most will decide wrong. Those who decide right will lose their lives in many cases.

As I said at the beginning, I don't hold this up as thus saith the Lord, these are just the musings on the fragile situation in the USA today. IF Obama WINS or LOSES...this is the danger. The spirit of antichrist violence is moving in the Land.


propheticfire/ D. gansmann said...

I agree

Fallout said...

I found this: to be as disturbing as anything that I have seen coming from this administration. This is nothing more than harassment from our government to cause Americans to cow to their authority. If they can get away with this, what will they do next in the name of security? I don't want to wait to find out. This is going too far already.
God have mercy on America and fix what is wrong with our government..fix what is wrong with the Church...