Sunday, September 23, 2012

Divorcing Jezebel and Embracing the Truth

In every church and ministry I have ever been part of there has always been a turning point when leadership had to make a choice. 

It was always crystal clear when the decision is was made:  To embrace the Prophetic or to embrace Jezebel.  When the prophetic is silenced, Jezebel arises and the ministry becomes spiritually constipated.  It doesn't ALWAYS die at  once, that is the deception, but most of the time it is dying and will dry up (I have a dozen cases that I can identify).  Once Jezebel is embraced over the prophetic it is very hard to reverse course.

As a prophet it is easy to spot this spirit. It manifests in obvious ways prophetically. There is a lot of teaching on the Jezebel spirit.  I won't review it here. 

When it happens the people involved in the ministry, could be the congregation, could be partners, they will always know something is not right. They will find themselves disconcerted.  Feeling frustration.  They cannot identify what is happening.  They only know something has happened that is not as it should be and they don't know what it is. 

When Jezebel is a worship leader, people will disengage from worship.  They cannot enter in.  Leadership will think it's because of talent when in fact the Jezebel spirit has taken the platform with an instrument or a voice.  When it's an elder or a leader, he will often block the flow of the spirit by calling anything not in "Order" out of line.  Jezebel.

Control and dominance is the essence of the Jezebel spirit.  It is worse now that we have control of the platform by electronics... the Microphone.

The Jezebel spirit can reside in a senior leader.  How often does Holy Spirit spontaneity happen.  If it's a rare occurrence it may well be Jezebel.  This can get very confusing because sometimes the person manifesting the fullness of the Jezebel spirit comes against it the most. This is a common syndrome, those who are suffering from the spiritual problem will try to preach hardest against it.

You often see the Jezebel spirit in operation when young people are attracted to the "Platform" where Jezebel operates when he or she is manifesting it seems to be a gateway to visibility.  What they don't comprehend is that Jezebel has no interest in them supplanting him or her from the "High" position. 

Jezebel is a fake anointing.  Can look good.  Did in the days of Ahab.  Can be enchanting.  But the spirit is flesh with a demon underneath.  It looks like the same thing as an anointing, but it strips away any pretext of anointing.  Counterfeit. The fear Jezebel has is, if People experienced the fullness of the anointing he or she would be exposed for the fraud he or she is.  So by control there is not danger of that exposure. A Jezebel Spirit can pray good, but not with the anointing, a Jezebel spirit can sing good but not with any anointing that touches the heart of God, a Jezebel spirit can even preach good, even accurately but with zero anointing from the throne and so when he or she does it comes off as OK but no one is moved. It's just good enough.

The true danger is that if a Jezebel is among you as a leader you will find yourself addicted to him or her. You will think to yourself, "He or She is faithful, if he or she didn't show up we couldn't do this".  That is the worst trap of all.  The idea that Jezebel is not just tolerated, but indispensable is when Jezebel wins.  So you continue to have a demonized elder, worship leader or preacher. 

When a prophet of God comes along and identifies the Jezebel spirit in your midst you will make a grave mistake treating that identification as an opinion rather than prophetic insight.  More than once I have had to go to someone to identify this problem and have it treated as simply an opinion.  They discounted the voice of God.  Nothing was done and I watched the ministry suffer decline.  Sometimes I have strongly resisted going to that person.  Yet, when called to do, I did. Not very often with desired effect.  Jezebel is a powerful spirit and cannot be simply cast out.  Jehu must throw her down.

Tolerating Jezebel is ALWAYS the easy way out for a leader. No one's feelings are hurt.  You can get along with him or her in high visibility in your church. When that happens Jezebel has won.  You are faced with spiritual death.  Your church or ministry is just marking time till it ends.  You never have to set anyone down.  You can be a person pleaser and allow Jezebel to continue to put a lid on what God wants to do in your midst.  I have met many.  Sometimes they come in the form of a big giver.  Sometimes they come in the form of a good singer or musician.  Sometimes they come in the form of a leader that you rely on.  They are indispensable. Ask yourself this question, if they dropped dead tomorrow, would the ministry you are responsible for continue?  If you have a hard time imagining that...there is a problem.  The demon's name is Jezebel.

Seek out the prophetic.  Have a REAL prophet in your midst.  He or she will become the watchdog over your ministry.  You cannot do that for yourself.  You might be the one suffering from the demonic influence.  When the Prophet Speaks, listen.  You can't discern this for yourself.  Deception is strongest on leadership.

Of the ministry leadership I know, and I know many, the bulk of them need deliverance from demons that infect leaders.  They are operating under torment. I know that sounds strong, but we all have too many hiding out keeping us from true effectiveness.  We entertain them and allow them to occupy in our midst what should only be a home for the Holy Spirit.

Get Jezebel OUT OF THE HOUSE OVER WHICH YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE or watch your church or ministry drift into oblivion.   


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Hello I am in an unorthodox position with a jezebel wife who has kicked me out three times refused to support MIT to leadership has been exposed but doesn't agree and still feels we should live together I am seriously considering sidelong divorce and would like some input if you are willing