Friday, September 14, 2012

On the Upcoming Election - Heard from the Throne... 9-11 a day of prayer

I took time to go aside to pray alone for a day with just a notebook. Many things were just for me... God cares about me too. Some things were for the wider Body of Christ. I therefore offer you the things I heard as comfort or warning.

I inquired of the Lord - What of the upcoming election?
Do you trust ME? Can I turn the hearts of men? I give kings dreams and insights - I put one up and another down. My plans and purposes are not deferred nor acceleragted by the schemes of man. Was MY hand on your nation in 2000 as I knew that 9-11 was coming? Each turn, each decision is a part of what I am doing. Have I not said in my word that for those who love ME and are the called I will take all things and make them work together for good. I will as well in this.

Then I said... will you not tell me who is going to win? He said only one word.


Jonah knew that as he cried aloud that Nineveh would be destroyed that repentance would come and the city spared. That he, Jonah, would have then be considered a false prophet. His mercy is that I not know. He is not calling me to be Jonah.

He did say to me to cry aloud and spare not. In that I will be faithful. As I do if you are offended, you are offended at GOD!

I asked later in the day to give me a sign. I really wanted to know. After some silence HE pointed:

He pointed to Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941
11 years later in November of 1952 Dwight D Eisenhower was elected, first non democratic party president for nearly two decades.
Then He Pointed me to September 11, 2001
11 years later is November of 2012

Then he was silent.

I am satisfied he wants me to trust him and I will. I will rest in His Word.


margaret said...

I looked up President Eisenhower (R) in Wikipedia. He won by an electoral landslide. The Republicans won the House and the Senate (with the VP deciding vote). Eisenhower promised a corruption-free, frugal administration and he was totally against communism.

VERY INTERESTING. Sounds like God is giving out clues. As always, the prophets get them first.

I wonder what the significance of 11 years after a national disaster represents?

I keep praying for the US to be brought back from the brink. May God hear all our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Billy Graham was huge in those days right after the war. Many came to Christ through him. Lives were healed. (Read the book "Unbroken")That was a very different time, there were few single parent homes then. Families stayed together. Maybe we should pray that God raises up mighty evangelists all over the country and heals the families.

Blessed Economist said...

Jonah was a prophet out of sync with God’s purposes. God saw Nineveh as a people with potential, whereas Jonah had written them off. When Nineveh repented, God was glad, but Jonah was disappointed.

Seeking to know the outcome of the election is out of sync with God’s thinking. You look at a president and pass judgment. Obama is bad. George Bush is good. Eisenhower is better. Carter is worse. Romney is OK. God looks at the election and sees another people saying, “We want king!”

Over the last few years, there has been a shift in the balance of power in the principalities and powers that control the United States. A different principality has gained ascendancy. This shift has set the United States on a dangerous direction. It does not matter which presidential candidate wins the next election, as he will be controlled by these principalities and powers.

The big question that the prophets should be asking is why this spiritual shift has occurred, and where it will lead.

The United States needs a Daniel, who understands what is happening in the spiritual dimensions, and how that is shaped by the choices of the people.