Friday, March 9, 2012

Spoken Curses By Les D. Crause

Satan had no license to do anything in the earth until he was given that authority by the one who held it - man. When Adam yielded to Satan through sin, he made available to the enemy, the power and authority that were inherent in him as a son of God and the federal head of the human race. Once he subjected himself to Satan's power, the enemy now had legal right in the earth to attack mankind and all the blessings that God had created for man in the earth. This is when the trouble all began and the earth came under a curse, which we call the Adamic Curse.

Man is still the only creature in the earth who has authority to determine what happens in the earth. And Satan still uses this power to his advantage. Therefore, in order for the enemy to attack and destroy he needs to be licensed specifically by man. That means he must be given permission to attack you before he can do so. This permission is something that you grant him every time you use the power that is inherent in your words. Thus, when you speak negative words against another human being as a result of bitterness and anger, you license the enemy against that person.

You might think that you are justified in your anger, and that you have a right to speak words of destruction to another. But you should realize the consequences of your anger. You might be destroying the life of another, and causing things to go wrong in their life. So why not sit down right now and make up a list of people you are still angry with, and put these matters to sleep at once.

If you think that this is too great a price to pay, I would like to point out to you something that should give you an extra incentive to do this as soon as possible. While you maintain a bitter attitude towards another person, you are actually linking your spirit to theirs, and if that person is under a curse, then you open your own spirit to their curse also, by contamination. Thus, not only do you bring destruction and trouble into their life, but you actually open the door for the same thing to happen in your own. You are giving Satan license through your sin and he is smiling all the way, because he does a double take. He is given license to destroy the person you are angry with, and then comes back through the open door you have given him, to return the curse to you also.

These are some very good reasons for you to get to your knees as quickly as possible and release forgiveness to those who have hurt you isn't it?


margaret said...

I've mentioned before that I grew up in a highly ritual traditional church where nothing was taught about demons except what was read out of the New Testament when Jesus exorcised demons. I know a priest who also was an exorcist but he refused to talk about that to the rest of us! It was all hush-hush.

After I became born-again, I started to read books about demons and curses and to understand the generational effects. It's shocking but very freeing to know that you don't need an exorcist to get rid of the demons tormenting you but you can use the powerful Name of Jesus to boot them out. It can also break generational curses. One book I use a lot is Apostle John Eckhart's "Prayers that can rout demons". He's written several books but this one has been hugely helpful for me. It's full of curse-breaking and demon-butt-kicking commands and affirmations. It works!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to address curses spoken over children by their own parents and others in positions of authority over them.
I've witnessed these curses take form and come to pass as pronounced.
Coincidence or misused excercise of authority?
Biblically a parents blessing can be imparted which leads me to believe a curse can also be imparted.
If so, how can we become free again?