Monday, March 12, 2012

When Prophets of them is NOT hearing from GOD... How Can This Be?

I have taken note of the word of the Lord brought by many I know in the name of the Prophet. They are standing in the place of the prophet and yet I see and hear things that are in stark contrast. How can this be?

This is NOT about eschatology, last days, signs of the times, Biblical interpolation. Those are speculations. They are interpretations. They are not certain. They are the word of God yet not manifested. Those who treat them with prophetic certitude do so to the discredit of the word of God. Look at the fiasco regarding the end time, rapture and so forth last year. This question, "How can this be" is not about the interpretation of scripture. That's pretty subjective stuff that we won't grasp except in the rear view mirror and it will astound us when it happens.

This is about when two prophets stand and proclaim a thing and they are in sharp disagreement. God is NOT schizophrenic. He is ONE God. Three Persona...but ONE. He doesn't contradict himself.

Every single prophet I know and respect understands the state of our nation, the lost direction of our culture, of our government and the evil of the Beast of Islam. YET, there are voices who would propose they are prophetic and would speak opposite of what the true prophets are saying. I know Jeremiah was up against this. He had prophets around him who contradicted what he said.

Someone was wrong. Someone heard from God.

That is why in this critical time you HEAR from the true prophets of God. Ignore me. Ignore Kim Clement if you choose. But hear what the spirit of God is really saying. It must be a light to your path, a lamp to your feet or there's a chapter in your Bible that needs tearing out. It must be daily Bread or Jesus was lying. It must NEVER contradict what the word of God says...ever.

That is why the compromises made from so called pulpits around the nation are such an abomination. They take the name of the Lord in Vain. That's why those who support those with policies that encourage fornication, infanticide, abortion and corruption will be held to such a strict account. They will be torn down. God is NOT mocked.

There is much evil accomplished thru good people who embrace a man, a movement, a political ideal without the Spirit of God present. Some even walk in pretense of being teachers, pastors, reverend. They are the point of the spear that pierces the side of the Body of Christ once more.

I say this by the Spirit of God...judgement will come. Be very careful then how you walk, how you live. Don't find yourself swayed by your culture, your bias or your traditions. It is the path to perdition.

IF you are a prophet, you must not allow yourself to be swayed by the moment. Even if it's must tell the truth or God will lift his anointing. The call will remain. You may even be able to minister...but you will do so in a cloud. The blindness of Balaam will cause you to stumble. God needs his prophets...hear what the Spirit of the Lord is Saying.


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