Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wheat from Tares - Wendy Christie

Wendy M Christie

Look for even a GREATER SEPARATION of the Wheat from the Tares as God is moving His people into a Greater Depth of PURITY of Heart. Those who are 'playing church' who have their FOCUS on other people or things are going to be very disappointed and they will also be very apparent to those who know and SEE the Truth as the light exposes their true nature and their lies.

When we have our eyes on other people to SEE what they are doing or not doing then we are inadvertently worshiping them and in competition - not good! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COMPETITION IN THE KINGDOM - SO WITH ALL DUE RESPECT AND BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND GOD LOVES YOU - STOP WHINING AND GET ON BOARD WITH WHAT GOD IS DOING - THE TIME IS SHORT - DO NOT WIND UP ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THIS THING! ♥

Also, remember that we can not allow the immaturity and insecurity of others keep us out of the Will of God for our lives - let them have their own responsibility. We can only be there to love them, pray for them and help them get up and dust themselves off. It is time to shake the dust/death off of our feet and move in that which we were called to and created for. (When helping the swine out of the mud pit, do not get into the mud with them - this helps no one...)

Also, I want to encourage all of you who are rising up to TAKE your places of Authority (in obedience to God's Voice) - especially Apostles, Fathers, Mothers & many who are Apostolic in nature - no matter what the gifting...

God is IN the Intensity of this test & He is IN Truth, the one who has SET THIS TEST BEFORE YOU! Do not be surprised, Jezebel (religion, tradition, poverty, unbelief & fear - ALL one in the same) always rises up against the True Authority and she sure is throwing a fit - BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD!!! Take heart this is just a BLUFF for you to CALL OUT! Advance forward & TAKE THE LAND & WALK IN THE DOMINION THAT CHRIST PAID FOR AND HAS GIVEN BACK TO US! Glory to God!!!

This is what He gave me recently in a Word,

The Lord said, "The days of the 'Powerless House of God' ARE OVER! It is time for My True Church to take their Rightful places of Authority in the Earth. Do not Fear and Do Not Worry about those who 'seem' to be Standing In The Way - those in this 'mans system way of doing and thinking'." (Be mindful that they 'look' like they are the real thing - wolves in sheep's clothing showing the fruit of immaturity and playing the 'victim'). "Their MANipulation is seen by Me and they will Not be allowed to Prosper ANY Further. They will either Line Up or they will Fall Away. Take your places My Great Army - Take your Places for the Glory of Your King, for the Time is NOW and the Time is Short, take a Stand and STAND for the TRUTH, take a Stand for the PURE SEED, MY UNDEFILED and UN-MANipulated SEED, that has Not been touched by the hands of man. Take Your Stand, and TAKE IT NOW, says the Lord of Hosts."

Remember the FRUIT needs to be - NO FEAR - ONLY LOVE and DO NOT BE DECEIVED! ♥

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