Monday, March 5, 2012

The Deception of the Very Elect has begun in full force

I awoke this morning and clearly heard:

That which I warned of has now manifest in the world. The elect, those who call My name, those who are ministers and shepherds are being shepherded by another voice. Many never knew My voice. They never knew the voice of the Shepherd. Many who once did have now allowed the voices that tickle their itching ears to silence My true voice. They are deceived into following another. This satisfies motivations of their flesh, motivations of their pride, motivations of their fear of man. They are becoming unknown to Me. There is a great divide occurring between in those who call themselves Christian and those who are truly Sons and Daughters. It will be a time of tearing. A time of separation. Chaff and tares will look much like wheat. Only the wind of My spirit will separate the impure from pure. The judgement I must bring will not be just for their own error, but multiplied for the error they impose as they lead others astray. These false shepherds have been falsely led and now lead others falsely. They no longer will bear sound doctrine. They have believed a lie. For this reason I will shame them. I will remove them. Some will come to their senses and ask how did this happen as they are humiliated? They have become blinded to the difference between righteousness and unrighteousness. They have become among those who call good evil and evil good. They have relied on their reason and intellect to allow the world to crush them into it's mold. They have become useless to ME and now I will expose and dispose of them. They are no longer profitable.

This is a much harder word than I usually bring, but I know it to be true. I live in terror that I might be weighed and found wanting. The judgement of God is about to act against those who are creating deception. Be not deceived. God is not mocked. The stench of our sin has risen up before him and cries out against us all.


Darlene Rose said...

"I live in terror that I might be weighed and found wanting".

This is where I am too. I see what is out there and then I see my potential for the same. In my haste to bring a word out of the bag of knowledge from the past or something I've experienced, I sometimes find there is no life and I am frozen, knowing I could be found among those who have gone cold and reach into that bag to avoid the appearance of it.

Because lawlessness increases, the love of MOST will wax cold. The word COLD is from the greek Psuche meaning "of the soul". The love of MOST will come from the soul. Without life imparted to the receiver. That's been swirling around in my spirit for this year 2012. I asked Him what should I do? He said "Pursue love". Pursue it.

Heart n Hands Inc. said...

In Feb. my spiritual Dad released a Word about Ministers being found wanting... it is too lengthy to post in comments here... so if you want to read it(and this is not to promote my blog,because Gene has already done that in his links, it is because it is a similar word that you need to get a hold of!)you may do so here:

Blessings, Nancy

margaret said...

In MY protestant church of rituals, it's full of these apostate shepherds in leadership. The saying is true that a fish rots from its head. They come out of seminary school filled with liberalism ideas and think they can pick and choose which parts of the Bible (including the New Testament) are valid. They despise St Paul for his teaching on homosexuality, for example. They rewrite the service of Communion so there is no confessing of sins because they don’t believe in sin, salvation or repentance. They say that any teaching about hell is no longer relevant and just cruel; that everyone gets to Heaven – no questions asked.

I see these and other false shepherds all over in the Protestant, Catholic and evangelical churches and I pray for their Saul-of-Tarsus-like repentance because they are so leading their flocks astray. May God have mercy on them!