Sunday, March 18, 2012


Beloveds, I know that there seems to be conflicting prophetic words that are being espoused. Many have shared My words of coming judgement and shaking in the world for this year. Yet still others have shared their excitement and joy at the coming of My Glory. Children, do not be confused and do not be distracted by these messages. Both messages are from Me and both messages will work together simultaneously to bring about My purpose and My plans.

Do not run around looking here and there, wondering what you should do. Continue doing what I have called you to do and that is to seek Me with a humble and obedient heart. Surrender your life and everything in it to Me and allow Me to continually conform you into the image of My Son. I have great things planned for each one of you, but do not be bothered by what you shall do until I ask you to step out. Then step out in faith believing that you have been prepared for My work.

Beloved, remember that no matter what you hear and what you see, I am still in charge and everything will happen according to My will. Do not be concerned or anxious about any of the coming events; just keep your heart close to Me. Keep your eyes attuned to My voice. I am your Shepherd and you are My sheep. Precious and beloved are each one of you.

Do not let the enemy allow to stir up fear or anxiety in your heart about the coming events. Remember, it is I, your Lord and God that have laid each step out for what will come. Keep your eyes on Me and Me alone. Nothing has changed. Though I will shake the earth and there will be much upheaval, if your foundation is in Me as it should be, you will be safe. If your security is in Me, you should not and shall not fear. I am Jehovah God. I am in charge and you are in the palm of My hand if you choose Me and put your trust and faith in your Lord God. Do not fret My children. Do not look around at what you are hearing and be afraid. Trust Me and remember your faith is in Me to deliver you.

I know many have asked how can their be two messages, one of judgement and one of glory. Beloveds, this is the same message. Do not allow the enemy to come and separate these two words and create confusion. I am coming as I have spoken to so many of My own. To those that have heeded My word and remained steadfast in Me, it will be a time of great joy and blessing. They will see Me High and lifted up. Their faces will shine in the light of My Glory. All that I have promised them is coming forth. They are filled with excitement, expectation and a bubbling joy at the word of the Lord.

Yet there are others who have not heeded the words of My prophets. They have lived for themselves and this world. Their security is in their own abilities and in this decaying world. They do not see that all that they have built is on a sand foundation. It will collapse underneath them. No, they think they are safe and secure. So, I have declared My coming to them as one of judgement and shaking. I will shake their foundations. I will test their security. Their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person's work.

My judgments and shaking are to strip away all that is not of Me, so that I may be revealed. How can anyone desire the things of God, when there hands are already full of the shiny trinkets of this world? Their eyes have not been opened yet to the true gifts that do not tarnish or fade. My shaking is the thing that will open many eyes and reveal the true state of their hearts. Many will see their nakedness and turn to Me and repent of their sins. They will be gathered unto Me and I will be their One True God.

Children, do not be confused about what is to come. I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. My love and My ways have not changed. Everything I do is because I love each and every one of you and it is My desire that NONE of you should perish, but have everlasting life in Me. I am coming with love. I am coming with mercy for those that will receive it and I am coming with blessing for those that are prepared. Seek Me first in all things, I will guide you and watch over you. No harm shall come to those who are My own. Look to the Father and look to the Son and live in the Spirit, it is then that you shall see My purposes.

Psalm 28: 8 - 9

8 The LORD is the strength of his people,
a fortress of salvation for his anointed one.
9 Save your people and bless your inheritance;
be their shepherd and carry them forever.

The Lord gave me this revelation yesterday that speaks to the word above:

The battle of Jericho is the perfect analogy of what is to come:

In these events, there were 2 groups of people that stood on either side of the walls of Jericho. The obedient children of God on one side and the people of the land or world on the other.

The wall represented two different things to each of these groups. To one it represented security and protection; yet, for the other it represented a temporary obstacle to the fruition of God's promises. The obedient children of God relied on His Faithfulness and could see spiritually the walls collapsing. The people of Jericho looked to the wall and put their faith in their earthly fortress to keep them safe.

But, then God began to shake the walls and they came tumbling down. Those that put their trust in God rejoiced, but the others were struck with fear at the Power and Holiness of God Almighty.

I researched the walls of Jericho and the above revelation was confirmed and supported by this:

( cho/jericho-4.php)

"As the Israelites were blowing of God's Jubilee Trumpets announcing that God's Kingdom was at hand, declaring God's victory and His imminent judgement on Jericho, sounding the doom of Jericho. (This was also a final warning and opportunity to those inside to repent of their rejection of God and surrender). "

"Also during this time, Israel's eyes would have been on the Ark of the Covenant, reminding them of God's mighty Presence in their Midst, the same God that had rolled back the waters of the Jordan a few days before. As they heard the Trumpets proclaiming God's Victory, FAITH would have been rising in their hearts, and the sense of excitement and anticipation of what God was going to do would have been growing stronger and stronger. Meanwhile the fear in the hearts of the inhabitants of Jericho would also have been steadily rising."

The trumpets have signaled God's Presence and His Imminent Glory.

It is a warning to those on the wrong side of the wall and a sense of security to those on the right side. The walls are coming down!!!

Many Blessings,


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