Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chuck D. Pierce: "Roll Into Your Future and Ask for Wisdom"

"Ask, Ask, and Watch Wisdom Come Down"

I am so grateful for how the Lord is leading us in our Corporate Prayer Gatherings during the Morning Watch. On last Wednesday morning the Lord gave us an incredible picture of how He desires to "roll" us into our future. Portions of the prophetic revelation released from that time are below:

"I begin you one way, but I end you another way. I begin you on a foundation and I cause your covering to be placed in a new way. Check your foundation and then watch your covering form. As I rebuild your foundation, and as I align it with the Head, with the covering that I am opening over you, you will reach a place of critical mass, a place of great momentum. Guard your momentum and move with Me.

"The cover that I am putting over you is woven together; it is manifold, and it is filled with My wisdom. Ask for this wisdom to penetrate you for this hour; ask and you will be filled in a new way. There will not be a thing that I cannot reveal to you. Ask, ask, and watch wisdom come down. For I am Jehovah Jireh, and I will come down and show you provision that you've not seen. I am Jehovah Jireh and I will come down and cover you, and the provision you've been looking for, I will reveal to you.

"So come and sacrifice, and lay your vision from last season before Me. Lay down that which you have counted on, place it on My altar, and watch Me come down and reveal new provision and new sound, and reveal that which was hidden in past seasons to you. You will cause the top of that which you are standing on to be formed, and a covering to form over you. I will cover you with the shadow of My wing. I am putting together that which will mantle you in days ahead.

"Bring your vision and submit it, the vision of what you have been shown. Submit vision to Me, and watch provision come down in a new way. Even during this watch, you have been forming a portal that is now beginning to open above you, and the covering you've longed for is now coming down. You have felt many times that you were uncovered, and you have felt abandoned and felt like you were the only one standing. But because you have come during this watch, I will cover you in a new way.

"Ho, come to the waters, come to the waters and drink. For you've been thinking, 'I could find a way to receive grace.' But I say, 'grace is waiting on you.' Come and eat of that which I have been holding back, and I am now preparing a table with a dish which you have never eaten before. So come now, and watch Me feed you in a way you've not been fed. Watch Me give you revelation you've never eaten of. For you've seen things through one dimension and one portal, but now you will taste and see that I am good. Ho, come and drink; ho, come and eat. Come and enter in in a way with Me, and sup with Me in a way that you've not known Me.

The Great Covering

"I am covering you in a way that you will not be under the structure from the last seven years that you've been under. But you will be wearing a garment that will extend you into the next seven years."

"The top is greater. The greater covering is coming over you today. You're being covered in a new way. You're clearing out. Even that which you've learned in the last seven years will now begin to explode into new dimensions of wisdom, and new dimensions of insights. You will teach others in simple ways. What you have gained knowledge of, you'll be able to multiply in teaching others. One word will not only fell the enemy, but one word will multiply in My people."

"For just as with Peter, the foundation you were standing on would have caused you to sink down under. But now I am lifting you up, and I am pulling you up, and I am taking you across into a new place. And in this new place, there is an opening and an access for you that will multiply simple nuggets that are within you. They will expand, and they will begin to open up in new ways. And one thing you have gathered in the past season will now become a hundred in this season."

"And even the way you've been standing, I'm changing your stance today. For you've been standing in one way, but now I'm causing you to rise up. And as I cover you, I will also come beneath you. I will be the wind that causes you to rise up above circumstances. I will be the rock that you stand on. I will not only be the cliff that you hide in, but I will cause you to soar in new ways."

Roll Forward

Mark Fox shared that as he was coming to the meeting he said, "Lord, what word would you have?" The Lord gave him one word: "wagon." He saw the supply wagon coming forth.

John Dickson shared about how his grandfather was a wheel-wright, and how he still had the metal tool his grandfather used to measure the outside of the wheel rim. John heard the Lord say, "I am fitting you with a steel rim. You are My pioneers and as you go forth, that rim will not be destroyed by the rocks and the ruts you are going through. But you will have a steel rim, and it will take you to the place I am sending you."

There have been a lot of curious things (the wheel traveler) we've had that we didn't know what to do with, we didn't know how it fit, but the Lord says, "In this season it's like a timing thing. The seeds that are timed for this season are going to break forth and come forth. And the parts that have been for a season, that you've been carrying around and not knowing what to do with, you will find you are sent-in with that part in this season."

That shows how the Lord is measuring how we roll forward. He is measuring how we roll forward into the future. We can thank Him that we are being measured so we can roll over the ruts, and roll over the offenses. We are being measured in a new way so that we will keep rolling this season. The Lord is saying, "Roll your cares on Me, that I might roll you and measure you in a way that you will be able to move forward with Me in this day."

Even as Lisa Lyons also had a wheel-wright in her vehicle, the Lord is saying, "Many of you do not even know what it is that you have that I will require at a specific time." But when you hear the Lord say, "Whom shall I send?", you simply say, "Lord, send me!" See this: what you need is already there! Even things that we wouldn't have even known how they would be used, the Lord says, "They're already there. That's what I'm opening over you; you can see things that have always been there, waiting for you to see."


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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