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Keith Miller: "Wake Up! Something Has Begun!"

Are You Ready to Shift into High Gear?

Fresh Momentum: momentum is defined as force or speed of movement. There is fresh momentum from the Lord brought about by the whisper of His voice which releases faith that empowers in the inner man – to move forward in all that He has open for you. It is the current of movement of His zeal deep in you! Praise the Lord for the current of faith flowing for you.

A fresh wind of God's Spirit is blowing where it chooses to change and bring fresh awakening in His People and in the land. God is about to breathe a fresh stirring in you and into the Body of Christ for deep refreshment and an energy boost that will renew your strength as in your youth, and cause you to rise up in anticipation of all that God is about to do in your sphere of influence, in cities, and the nations!

And friends, as this precious wind blows in and over and under and through your life, you will awaken to possibility so incredible, you will wonder why you ever doubted God's very best for you. There won't be any turning back. No way! You won't want to ever turn back the pages of your life that haven't counted for God; you'll leave the past in the dust and zip into your future with zeal and into those things the Lord Himself died to birth in you. Yes, this is that day, and now is the time to awaken to the breath and the Glory of the Lord upon you.

In my new prophetic book, The Breath of the Spirit, I recorded a dream the Lord gave me concerning the Wind/Breath of the Spirit, which I would like to share with you here, as well as excerpts from the first chapter, which I believe is relevant right now, this moment in time. I am so anxious for the Body of Christ to be in the expecting mode, and I hope what follows provides you encouragement and excitement and preparedness for what lies ahead.

Following the excerpts, please read my summary, for eight (8 being the number for new beginnings) things that you can do right now to be ready for this incredible coming move of God!

The Dream: "Wake Up!"

In the quiet early morning twilight, a fresh unseen Whisper of the Wind began to gently blow through a camp of a sleeping multitude. The swirling breeze fanned the banked coals of the large campfire causing fiery flakes to spark and dance into the damp dew of the darkness, reigniting the fire. Flames leapt into action to supply the camp with light and warmth. The wind, as it had the sleeping coals, also stirred a portion of the people within the camp awake, simultaneously, as if an alarm clock had sounded. They rose in wonder as the Voice of the Lord aroused their hearts, and filled them with growing anticipation of the breaking of a dawn of Morning Glory unlike any other.

The Voice of the Lord instructed, "Rouse the camp! Rally everyone for the early morning gathering! Much is to be done!" Even before the Watchman could signal or blow his trumpet, they began to awaken the others: "Wake up, wake up! Something has begun!" Many rubbed the sleep from their eyes as they arose; others popped right awake, immediately shedding their blankets. The Whisper of the Wind, like a Holy stirring, rushed through their souls, stirred and prepared hearts for the breakthrough of the Morning Glory, preparing them for Truth that would cause many to behold the New Day in a new way, preparing them for action. Then the trumpet sounded, and the Watchman cried out, "Awaken, awaken! Awaken the troops! Rally the people!"

The whole camp now was alive and revived, caught up in the momentum of the unseen wind; people gathering, ready for commissioning, assignments and action. What had moments previously appeared as a sleeping camp, was now afire with fresh excitement, passion, and awareness of a dawning. Everyone was wide awake for what the New Day would hold; gathering and standing at the ready, staring up in awe and glorious anticipation, shouting encouragement to one another: "It is time – be of good courage!" The glistening light broke through the sky and painted it with the colors of the Brightness of the Rising which appeared in awesome splendor over the horizon.

Oh yes, this was a different day. This unseen wind was the very breath of their Living God, rushing into and awakening their very souls to the fragrance of His life, opening their eyes to the fullness of His majesty, presence, power and glory, reviving their hearts to truly behold the reality of His life with the expectancy of hope and triumphs of faith, for His Name's sake, His glory, His renown. As eyewitnesses to the Brightness of the Rising, they would testify of the knowledge of Him as Victory and Resurrection – Victory and Resurrection as a Person we can know now.

They would run and not grow weary, move ahead with a great sense of direction and purpose with clear vision, passion, purpose and zeal; faces glowing with the glory, full of strength. They would hear God's heart, His purposes, His plans, and they would testify to the fact that Jesus is alive and speaking to His people today. "...the secret of the Lord belongs with those who fear Him" (Psalm 25:14); "the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy" (Revelation 19:10).

EVERYTHING would shift, change and rearrange. The wind would carry each person far above and beyond their expectations and right into their hopes and dreams in Him. This was the very hour of a transforming move of His Spirit corporately and individually and across the land never yet before beheld or experienced.

Summary: He is About to Blow Us Away

We are in a fantastic day as Believers and collectively as the Body of Christ. A fresh Breath of God is blowing across the spiritual landscape of our time all over the world, and awakening many from sleep to behold His glory. The Voice in the Wind is crying out across the nations, all over the world to those awaking, waiting, and at the ready to hear their call, their destiny. Things are about to intensify; God is about to move in the most incredible way, with His presence filling our lives in unusually strong ways, never before experienced. He is about to blow us away with His most intensive breath yet.

1. Resolve to Arise! God commands it! It is an act of obedience to arise! Why? We are all called to rise to a new life, to shine and radiate with the glory of the Lord. Practice rising in the natural. Set your alarm clock for a time in the middle of the night where you can arise for a few moments to spend some time with the Lord. Or, arise at your usual time every morning, but welcome Him into your day, verbally or through worship or song or through the reading or contemplation of the Word as your first thought and/or action.

2. Ask God to give you a heart for harvest. Our busyness in our day-to-day, and our anxieties concerning finances and the state of things in the nation and the world can cause us at times to lose focus, or even forget the millions and millions of lost souls out there who need Jesus.

3. Take stock of every promise, dream, vision, word of knowledge, prophetic word given to you, and ask God to rekindle the flame of desire for those things in you. If you don't know your assignment ask Him for it, and to cement within your heart, that nothing – nothing – nothing will stop you, not your reasoning, someone else's reasoning, not your circumstances, not your reputation, not false expectation, not the jeering crowd, nothing, nothing will deter you from fulfilling your God-given assignment and destiny in Him.

4. Though this past season has been one of preparation, positioning, and alignment, you may not be sure that you are, or perhaps things have fallen apart in your life. Ask God if you are in proper alignment, and to show you areas in need of improvement. Perhaps you still need a shift here or a nudge there in your life; let the Holy Spirit show you through the Word, and in the quiet still of His voice. The enemy will try to convince you that things are hopeless, that you are too far gone to get back on track. Only allow the Holy Spirit to lead you: not your reasoning, circumstances, or anything or anyone else!

5. Hold your peace, it is God's battle, not your battle; hold your position in prayer, rely on God, and believe He is working on your behalf.

6. Expect God! Hope in Him! Wait upon Him! Awaken to Him! Awakening is the doorway/gate to transformation. Memorize Isaiah 40:31, make it your cell phone or computer screensaver or wallpaper, stick it on the fridge, on the dash of your car, get it deep deep down into your spirit, this is key to the coming move!

"But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] shall change and renew their strength and power; they shall lift their wings and mount up [close to God] as eagles [mount up to the sun]; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint or become tired." Isaiah 40:31 AMP

7. Ask God to help you see your difficulties in a new light as opportunities, so that they do not negatively consume you and zap your energy.

8. Resolve to love God and others outrageously. And, bask in God and His love for you.

Keith Miller
Stand Firm World Ministries


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