Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reality - Depends from WHICH SIDE you are Seeing

As I hear from the throne, I am impressed with one truth: HE sees things very differently from you or me:

  • We see in 3 dimensions.. HE sees in Multiple Dimensions.
  • We see what is happening NOW.... He sees the beginning from the end
  • We see our current circumstance and evaluate Good or Bad from that... HE sees only GOOD for us
  • We see failure and victory as opposites....HE takes all events, failure or victory and makes them for good.
  • We see People as lovable or unlovable...HE sees all creatures in Love...even the Devil, Hitler, Dahmer. All those in hell. But HE loves them enough NOT to violate their free will at choosing to be there.
  • We see circumstance, news, events and it causes concern, even fear...... HE fears nothing..NEVER
  • We tremble at the storms and difficulty all around us....HE is waiting for US to Speak Out and take dominion over the storm...JUST LIKE JESUS. The storm may rage, it may destroy, it may kill, but it can not be victorious.

When a prophetic utterance comes and causes you to stumble wondering "How can he or she say that?". It's because for a brief moment we were allowed in the spirit to see things as GOD see them. As God sees you and his plan for you. As God sees your health, your marriage, your business, your life, your ministry, your children.

HE wants you to LIVE on the tightrope of his word. Every word that proceeds to be the narrow path (nothing is much narrower than a tightrope) on which you walk. You need light not to fall. That's why the word of God is so critical. A light to your path, (tightrope).

Many have great light but try to use it to walk a very wide way. God is calling you to the narrow way. When you have his sure word on this, you will WALK LIKE it was the wide way.

Word of the Lord for Someone Today.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You! Eyes, Ears and Heart-to see things thru God's eyes, hear things thru God's ears and to show things thru God's love...amen!