Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Relational Wisdom

This is from an article in Charisma. We need to measure those with whom we are in relationship:

How do we know whom we should connect with? How do we create and maintain healthy relationships?

First, let’s identify what constitutes an unhealthy relationship:

  1. People who constantly bring strife, chaos and stress into your life
  2. People who drain you and can’t seem to make it without you
  3. People who want to remind you of your past
  4. People who want to hold you back and keep you from your destiny
  5. People who don’t honor and respect your salvation and who entice you to sin

We must seek to create and maintain attachments that are healthy for us and bring blessing to us. What type of people do we want to attach with? Who do we want to enter into covenant relationships with? What should we look for in a healthy relationship?

  1. People who celebrate you
  2. People who challenge and motivate you
  3. People who make you better than you are
  4. People who see past your present and see your potential
  5. People who focus on your future, not your past

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