Monday, November 22, 2010

A story I heard from Pastor Butch Deer - A Rabinnic Legend

A Rabbinic Legend speaks of the time before Abram (Abraham) was called out of UR.

The Legend:
Abram's father was a carver of wooden Idols. Abram wondered about all this and one day heard a word from the Lord.

His father was about to go away for a day. While he was gone Abram took a hammer and busted up every Idol in the shop that was for sale and under construction. There was one Idol in the corner he did not mess with at all. Instead he placed the hammer in that undamaged Idol's hand.

When his father returned he was livid. What did you do? Why did you destroy all these Idols?

Abram said, "But Father, that Idol over there did this." His Father said, "That's not possible, they are just dumb inanimate statues. They have no power to do this".
Abram threw up his hands and said, "That's what I have been trying to tell you".

It wasn't long before Abram, his father Terah and family (including Lot) left Ur of the Chaldees to Haran. Genesis 12:6-7

I love the story, even if it doesn't have any Biblical Merit.

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Pam Ecker said...

Pastor Butch always seems to find stories to go along with his teachings. This is one that I have enjoyed the most. You sure can invision what takes place in the story.