Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When the Anointing and Mantle lifts you may never know

Many people who were at one time anointed for leadership, for ministry, for authority are about to find their mantle lifted from them. It will just be gone. They will try to do what they used to do and will find the Spirit has left them; like Sampson who wist not that the Spirit had left him.

Then she said, The Philistines are on you, Samson. And awaking from his sleep, he said, I will go out as at other times, shaking myself free. But he was not conscious that the Lord had gone from him. Judges 16:20

This happens in Politics. This happens in Church Leadership. This happens in denominations. This happens in particular with those who operate in the essential anointings. The Prophets and Apostles. They are about to be tested. Some will pass the test but many many will try once more to shake off the Philistines and find themselves in chains.

The calling of God is without repentance. It was true for Sampson. It was true for Saul. BUT, there comes a day when God removes his Spirit. He removes his touch of grace on their lives. Even if they backslide and end up in hell they will have been called of God but ended up in hell.

I personally know several people who have in the past have been significant prophets, apostles, bishops, pastors and leaders who are about to be stirred awake. They will find that the mantle has been lifted.

God's changes in the order is accelerating. Check your heart, check your place. Don't fall for the Delilahs in your life. Don't decide to burn a sacrifice you aren't supposed to. You are being weighed. Pray that you might be worthy to KEEP the anointing and the Mantle you once had.

Humble yourself or be humbled.

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