Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prophetic Dream from Jim...Open Heaven

Jim shares a dream about a shift we are in the center of:
I had a dream last night where I was positioned near the moon in
space. I saw the moon shift in it's orbit. I marveled at this, and
wondered what caused this gravitational shift? Right then I looked up
and from deep space I saw a very fast approaching object. As it came
into view I saw that it was multiple large meteors. I knew that no one
had seen these, so that their appearing was unexpected. I also knew
that there was no avoiding them.

I do not believe this to be literal. Rather it supports tne idea that we
are in a season of shaking and shifting. I take the moon to represent
the church. The fast approaching meteors are coming fast, are
unexpected, and can't be diverted. I think it represents the conditions
which will cause a great shaking. The gravitational field will be
altered, in a metaphorical sense, as the Kingdom age begins to
manifest. I'm sure there's stuff I'm not seeing, but that's my initial



The Pentecostal Paper said...

This is not a shift but a prophetic event that must come to past that is found in 1st Enoch it signifies a message that God is redeeming the time in which in the spirit God will begin removing days in the light but those in the darkness want see the redeeming being made.

Anonymous said...

What is the track record of this person as to their dreams? Do they have lots and lots of dreams that sound great but are just soulish? Doesn't anyone know how to do this properly?

Gene said...

I don't know Jim personally. I have read other things he has posted. His dream is his. I gave attribution. It's our job to judge the quality by the witness of the spirit. I found it interesting and worth considering. Sorry you didn't.

prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

i think he is actually also dreaming of something that will actually take place perhaps in real life shifting of earth from ???i"ll leave it at that...dreams have different dimensions maybe of expressions by the spirit