Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When Bad News Comes - Don't always trust your senses

I don't quote Napolean Hill prophetically. But when wisdom is written, and it is sound doctrine we do well to hear it. Hear:

The 5 Physical Senses: These are the physical “arms” of the brain through which it contacts the external world and acquires information therefrom. The physical senses are not reliable, and therefore they need constant self-discipline. Under any kind of intense emotional activity the senses become confused and unreliable.

By the simplest sort of legerdemain the five physical senses may be deceived. And they are deceived daily by the common experiences of life. Under the emotion of fear the physical senses often create monstrous “ghosts” which have no existence except in the faculty of the imagination, and there is no fact of life which they will not and do not exaggerate or distort when fear prevails. ~Napolean Hill (Master Key to Riches)

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