Saturday, November 13, 2010

When the Fine Tune Knob isn't Found

Father always IS. He's always communicating. He's always wanting to download. He's constantly attempting transmission on another frequency .... all hale as it were.

Yet, sometimes we don't hear. I don't hear. It's like I know there's a message there. I know it's HIM. I know I should be able to understand what is being said but the find tune knob is missing.

IF you have never heard the Voice of God you don't know what I am talking about. If you have you get this frustration at once. You know why. World, sin, issues, distractions. All difficult. All real.

What's worse is making it up. I know many who in the void of hearing from heaven will pander off words without consideration. People's lives are at stake. Destiny. Decisions. Futures. Even life itself. They write prophetic prescriptions blindly. That's malpractice.

It is a huge responsibility to carry the word of the Lord to another. It's no time to be light loving. It's time to be right.

It is more credible to remain silent at times like this than to speak up and say something from my flesh. Or some borrowed word. Or something I heard on TV. Or something that someone else said. Or rehearse a word from THE WORD as a Bible Silver Bullet. Good, but maybe not yet applicable. Jesus was careful even in confronting the Devil to use accurate words.

I promise NOT to give a word without certitude of it's Throne Room Credibility. Your promise must be to judge it carefully. We have too much recklessness in the prophetic.

It's time to reconsider the nature of the words we bring. Disciplined, not rash. Endorsed by the Father, not by man. Given in 1 Corinthians 13 love, not judgment.

I see too much immaturity in the prophetic. I don't want to be guilty of quenching the prophets, of forbidding the prophetic. BUT, I want to be sure that the word of God is not lost because the one delivering it is operating as a steam roller when a light duster might have been enough.

That is the prophetic word for the day. Be careful. Be certain. Deliver in love. And hear before you speak the WORD of the FATHER.