Monday, November 8, 2010

An Extension of Given Grace

Right now there is a sense of well being all around. Things seem to be getting better. There seems to be new hope. The elections have offered many to think that a corner is being turned.

It's like the weather this fall. Seventy degrees this week in IL. Way warmer than normal. There is a sense that we are living on borrowed grace. We are.

This is a lull. A quiet. A time to prepare for what is about to happen. Things cannot and will not stay in this state for very long. I haven't yet seen what is on the horizon, just that something is.

  • Economic?
  • Terror?
  • War?
  • A change in leadership?

This much is certain, the stage is set for rapid and radical change. How we deal with this will shape our future. Many won't do well. Many will be shocked. Some will give up. This situation will shake the last things that can be shaken. The world is on the edge. Something has to give. It will.

Here's what is certain, only focus on the King of Kings will save you. Any focus on anything or anyone other than HIM will prove to be your undoing. It will also be the beginning of a great move of God in the earth as the veils are ripped away.

If you have been a little spiritually queasy recently, wondering what is going on, it is - Going On

Enjoy the Grace of will need it in the season to come. Watch and Pray

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