Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sometimes Honor to MAN dishonors GOD

I live in the world of Pentecostalism. Have for a long time. I love the move of the Holy Ghost as happened last weekend. He takes our as is and molds it into his SHOULD BE without our intervention.

There is a syndrome in many full gospel circles that is out of line. I am prophetically calling them out. It stains us all.

I speak of the Rock Star treatment of celebrity status Men and Women of God that has gone over the top again.

It happened at one time more in the African American Churches. There was real abuse. Limo's, guards, big spending preachers with accouterments that made Mariah Carey's requirements look tame. Royalty treatments that were shameful, costly and dishonorable.

From time to time I have been part of that. Helped host a big name someone to come to the pulpit or platform. WOW. The list of "Needs" is limitless. Once we were going to invite a famous christian singer to come to the 4000 seat auditorium in Fargo, we got a note from her front man. It was amazing. Blue M&M's only please kind of thing. We didn't ask her to come.

Assigned parking places are Good for an older Pastor. But if you are an able bodied man or woman of God, the most Holy parking places are at the backside of the lot, particularly on Sundays. Taj Mahal Office layouts sometimes are so ostentatious they scare me. It's nearly profane.

I think good transportation is important, but does that always mean a first class airline ticket and a Limo to pick you up and deliver you back? I mean, we have good men and women of God who own cars and can find the airport and would consider it a privileged to ferry you around. Heck, I'll bet there are still car rentals available.

Does the Holy man of God really need two suites when it's just him staying there? Honest?

How many Armor Bearers do you really need? Can that Bottle of Water be that heavy? Some who love you will serve without demand. That's what the Holy Ghost does best, motivate people to serve.

Is a hotel room for 240 minutes worth of nap equal the $120 dollars of God's Gift from his People? Is that a good use?

And the one that amuses me most is the "Guaranteed Offering". HUH. Is there such a thing? I have come to Admire Apostle Barbara Yoder. She spoke at a little conference several weeks ago. The love offering taken was short. Less than she expected or was worth I'm sure. There was a drive and time. There just were NOT the people there to do much better. She might have "Demanded". She would have succeeded in her demand if she had. But, she was gracious. And, later spoke kindly of the man she went to speak for. This told me MUCH about her. What people do when they think no one is looking is who they really are. She's the real deal.

This isn't condemnation. This is Holy Ghost indignation in part. Sometimes the whole celebrity thing in Christendom is so over the top to make me nauseous.

I can tell you by the anointing as a Prophet of God that sometimes the "Honor" we pay christian celebrities dishonors God. He will share his glory with NO MAN. I read that in his book.

When we participate in Glorifying Man above that which is Godly we engage in Ungodliness.


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Anonymous said...

Had a friend starting out in ministry- she was "counseled" by an "experienced" minister to never go where they could not give her at least $1000 in the offering. He even joked about the anointing! How distasteful in our ears and to God's heart I am sure.

You know where she went? To the Indian Reservations in North Dakota! The streets of NYC. The sidewalks of her own town in front of the bars. Hugging drunks into the kingdom... that's what we called it. Although such phraseology today would be sorely misconstrued...

Making a name? What about the Name of Jesus? Hers is known to a few here on earth, but well known to demons and angels alike, I am sure. But he Name that was touted and displayed everywhere was the name of Jesus.

To preserve identities, I will also remain anonymous in this post...but God knows who is who.