Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We Can't Grasp God's Plans if we Remain Earth Centric

We all agree that God created the heavens and the earth.  We look up in the sky and the glory of God is revealed.  It's very romantic.

God created it all with a word.  Let there be... and it was.  Science tries to explain it.. big bang and all.  Explaining God's creative power is not the stuff of science.

The problem is, as our knowledge of all things galactic increases, we limit ourselves to God and us... us being a people, a planet, maybe a solar system.

God so loved the world. YES He does.

HE GAVE .. His only begotten son.. Who is HIM in the flesh.

So far so good.  We can get our minds around that.

Yet... what of all of all creation?  God of the Universe.  That's a pretty big place.

Here's the hard stuff.  God knows every hair on your head.  He knows your name. He loves YOU more than you know and cares about you.  God is infinite in Majesty.  Omnipotent. Omniscient.  Yet we still sell him short.  We are stuck on us.

That means when we think about the return of The God Christ, JESUS to the earth we get messed up.  That all of creation runs on some time table that revolves around us.

Here are some facts that can help.  You are gonna die.  You are not going to be raptured.  Every person will see Jesus... when they die... some to shame, some to glory.  That is judgement.

But He's not coming again as you suppose.  He's already here with us.. in many manifest ways.  I have written about this. 

Now to be clear there will come a day when the sky shall roll up as a scroll.  A day when HIS glory will be revealed.  A day when all flesh shall see HIM together. A day when all of creation shall bow.  This is not just about Earth.. It's about all creation.  AND creatures, what ever and where ever they are.

When you die and go to heaven.. you see things in proper perspective.  You will see HIM in all his glory and Creation will take it's rightful place as subject to the Creator.  You will see the end.  You will have experienced the revelation of the God Christ in fullness.  You are in eternal now.. and the end of time.

Some day, a long time from now, all of creation will cease to exist.  The earth will be gone before that.  Burned up by the exploding sun.   But all of the heavens in around 50 trillion years will collapse.  It will be as it was.  Rolled up like a scroll.   It will stand in stark contrast to what we see now with our fleshly eyes.   

Then in a new heaven and a new earth, we will remain.

To imagine that Jesus returning to earth will usher in the end of all things including the heavens and the earth is so self centric.  It excludes all of the unknown creation.  Millions of planets just like earth around billions of star suns in the galaxy.  Some with God's creation.  Some imagining that the clock they live by is ticking down to some end time that will culminate in the end of all things.

In that they live and die it does.  As it will for you and me.

The end of all things is when Jesus is revealed... as He is when we die .. as He will be when all things in trillions of years will be.

Until then, serve God, the end is not yet, the Kingdom is expanding, Jesus is still God and on the throne as a Man.   It's hard to grasp.. but He is MUCH MUCH bigger than you can possibly imagine.

And much more intimately involved with you than you can understand.

That is the conundrum.  That is the hard part.  How can the great God of all the universe care about every cell in my Body.  Two reasons why.  Time is not his limit.  And he has infinite Knowledge and Power.  So for you, He knows all, and has all the "TIME" in the world to consider you as well as the sparrows of the air.

We don't really understand Him, we are too earth centric.

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